The 5 Best Subscription Services to Help Halt Your Hair Loss

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Courtesy of Rogaine
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It’s 2021, and we’re officially living the future. Self-driving cars, drones and voice-activated assistants are all a reality, but, unfortunately, male pattern baldness is still a thing. It’s estimated that nearly 42 percent of men are currently dealing with some degree of hair loss, and while scientists are still working on that magical panacea that can instantly cure your hair loss blues, there are certain steps you cant take to help curb those stray strands and maybe even see some significant regrowth. You know, before you go balls to the wall and try to learn how to rock a bald head.

More and more subscription services are taking the hair loss battle straight to your door. With patented products designed to help block DHT (the hormone that causes your hair follicles to shrink and eventually miniaturize), nourish your scalp and even promote future hair growth, you can (hopefully) help halt your hair loss and create a healthy environment to regrow some of your old locks. These products paired with some of the best anti-thinning shampoos for men can simply do wonders for your head.

While each service offers its own range of original and generic products (which use the same ingredients as the name brand but can be sold for a fraction of the price), they have one thing in common: they all use various types of Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine (minoxidil), and DHT-blocking shampoos to fight hair loss. We’ve rounded up our five favorite brands so you can start your hair growth journey off with the right tools.


1. Hims

Easily the freshest name in the hair loss game, Hims has made a name for itself with its careful and calculated approach to hair and skin treatments. Designed to offer way more than just hair loss help, Hims is more like a full-service men’s shop than your typical run-of-the-mill hair loss service. With skin care treatments, virality boosters and even a range of multivitamins, Hims carries everything you need to look great—and feel great.

But where the service really shines is in its own generic (Propecia), minoxidil and hair loss shampoos. For a set monthly fee, you can take the fight to your follicles by utilizing the Big 3 hair loss treatments (minoxidil, finasteride, and a DHT-blocking shampoo). Plus, these products are sent straight to your door, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

best hair loss treatment - Hims Image courtesy of Hims




2. Roman

Probably the oldest subscription-based hair loss service, Roman takes a slightly different approach to hair treatments. Like every other service on this list, you start your hair growth journey by getting a detailed clinical evaluation. From there, you can use Roman’s service to help customize your hair loss treatments.

Roman’s main two products are finasteride and minoxidil, but you can expand your monthly service to include products to help you quit smoking, treat erectile dysfunction and more. The first month is also free, so you can give it a go before you decide you want to stick with it.

best hair loss treatment - Roman Hair Loss Image courtesy of Roman




3. Keeps

The key to Keeps is prevention, and the brand offers a range of products to help you maintain your mane and improve the overall health of your scalp from the inside out. After the initial consultation with a certified dermatologist, you can enroll in Keeps’ subscription plans and keep track of your monthly progress.

The great thing about Keeps is the fact that certified doctors are constantly tracking and monitoring your progress, so if you experience any side effects or have any questions, you’re able to take advantage of on-demand access to certified physicians.

best hair loss treatments - Keeps Hair Loss Image courtesy of Keeps




4. Nutrafol

With dedicated products designed to help improve the overall health of your hair and prevent DHT buildup, Nutrafol offers personalized treatment plans to help you gain the upper hand in your hair loss battle. It’s worth noting that unlike the other services, Nutrafil doesn’t offer prescription-based products like finasteride, but it does offer a range of original DHT-blockers and other wellness creams, ointments and vitamins that are designed to help prevent hair loss and boost your overall health.

While Nutrafol may not be a great choice for people with moderate-to-severe hair loss (as finasteride is often regarded as the patron saint of hair growth), it’s a great option for people who are worried about maintaining the current hairline.

best hair loss treatments- Nutrafol Courtesy of Amazon




5. Rogaine

Now that it’s 2021, you can actually subscribe to the OG of all hair loss treatments — Rogaine. As you’d expect, subscribing to Rogaine will save you time and money. You can also cancel any time you’d like. There are a number of plans available that will shit Rogaine straight to your door so you’ll never run out.

If you’re unfamiliar, Rogaine works to grow back hair thicker and faster than the majority of topical hair loss treatments. It’s clinically proven to regrow hair in just 3 months total and is FDA-approved using minoxidil. Rogaine will even give a full refund if you don’t like what you see in the matter of time it takes to keep your hair growing. It comes in a foam for easy application and is perfect for both men and women suffering from hair loss-related issues.

best hair loss treatments- Rogaine Courtesy of Rogaine




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