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Keep Your Hair Looking Good At Home With These Hair Sponges

Getting the hairstyle you want typically involves a trip to the barbershop or salon, but most people don’t have a stylist on call every day. For times when you can’t make it to the professionals, you need the right tools and products to keep your hair looking good. A hair sponge is designed for use with Afro hair and helps users coil, curl and create smooth locs.

Like any hair tool, not all hair sponges are worth your time. Finding the hair sponge that works for your texture and length is imperative to get the style you want. The hair sponges on our list are designed to work with hair that is thick or thin and can handle straight or curly texture. Sponges work best on short hair and users with short hair should look for sponges with small holes, while sponges with larger holes are better equipped for longer hair and will create larger curls and coils. Regardless of the length or texture, hair should always be damp when using a hair sponge to prevent breakage.

We’ve also chosen sponges that are gentle on skin, easy to use, and lightweight enough to be a portable option for keeping in a gym back, backpack, suitcase and even a coat pocket. Get the style you want in-between trips to the barbershop with a quality hair sponge.

1. RioRand Hair Sponge Magic Barber Brush

Turn your bathroom into a mini barbershop with the RioRand Hair Sponge Magic Barber Brush. The set of two sponges is designed to help users brush coils and curls into their hair and create short locs. The double-sided design provides users with two options, giving users with any length hair a sponge that works for them. The lightweight brush has been redesigned with a thicker base that makes it easier to hold, providing users with added control with styling their hair.

Pros: Double-sided, lightweight and portable, gentle on skin.

Cons: The large dimensions of the brush may make it difficult for younger uses to hold.

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2. Magic Twist Hair Sponge from Be BigEddie

Style your hair without aggravating your skin using the Magic Twist Hair Sponge. The set of two sponges are made with Spongetech and use only environmentally-friendly materials that are gentle even on sensitive skin. A wave side and a flat side with holes give users two options for getting the curls, coils and locs they want. At 5.7 inches long, the Magic Twist sponges are approximately the size of a smartphone and can fit into a pocket. We also like that the sponges come with a bonus hair pick.

Pros: Includes bonus hair pick, double-sided design and pocket-sized for portability.

Cons: As with any hair sponge, it’s crucial customers wet their hair before using the Magic Twist or the sponge could damage their hair.

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3. SpongeX Hair Twist Sponges

Find the hair sponge that works best for you with the SpongeX Hair Twist Sponges. The set includes three hair sponges with different hole sizes that give users with short and long hair options for getting twists and locs. Two of the sponges are double-sided, providing even more options for a variety of hair textures and styles in one set. The sponges are moisture-resistant and skin-friendly, making them gentle on the scalp. The set also includes one pick.

Pros: Four products in one set, skin-friendly, moisture-resistant.

Cons: The sponges may begin to shed after some use.

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4. Big Holes Barber Magic Twist Set

For a wide variety of styles in one sponge set, try the Big Holes Barber Magic Twist Set. The set includes three traditional hair sponges that offer a variety of hole sizes that work with most hair lengths. We also like that the set includes the unique glove sponge, which makes it easy for users to brush and curl their hair without holding a sponge. Using environmentally-friendly materials, the four sponges included in the set are gentle on the skin and wet hair.

Pros: Unique glove sponge, variety of hair sponge options, skin-friendly design.

Cons: The sponges may break apart after repeated use.

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