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I Tried Harry’s New Craft Handle: The Brand’s Most Elevated (& Affordable) Handle to Date

If you ask us, “what’s the best razor on the planet?”, we won’t hesitate. Harry’s. After testing all of the world’s most popular men’s razors, our entire team can equally attest to just how great of a razor Harry’s can create.

I’ve personally been using Harry’s razors for years. As someone who started going bald at 18 years old, I’ve been shaving not just my face but even my head with Harry’s whenever I don’t have access to one of my bald head shavers. Each shave is consistent, smooth and effortless. You can’t do much better… or can you?

Today, January 11, Harry’s has announced a new handle they’re bringing into the mix: the Craft Handle. This is Harry’s third-ever handle release, offering up a new option for Harry’s lovers that are looking for something a little more visually stimulating.

But, what exactly makes it stand out amongst modern razors and why should you buy it? Well, I had the opportunity to test the Craft Handle prior to today’s release and can vouch for this handsomely sleek bad boy. Find everything that makes Harry’s new product as unique as it is below.

Reviewer holding the new Harry’s Craft Handle. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

The Craft Handle: How’s It Look?

Harry’s Craft Handle is, in my opinion, the brand’s most visually impressive handle to date. Typically, Harry’s handles are maximized with a grippy, overly saturated design that itches a more playful scratch in our brains. The Craft Handle abolishes that playful approach by offering up a sophisticated, all-metal handle that looks quite dapper face-down on your bathroom sink.

This handle is curved a little differently in comparison to Harry’s other two handles. There is a larger “belly” seen at the front of the handle which allows the hand to sit a little more comfortably than previously. In addition, it creates a stronger angle where the razor sits at the top making for a more effective shave.

If you’re the type that holds your razors similar to the way you hold a pen, you’ll really appreciate the pinch-point section right under the top of the razor that mimics a pen-like hold for maximized comfortability. Holding your razor more toward the center? No worries, Harry’s has also placed cozy gripping dots along the body which helps from slipping and sliding when the metal gets wet.

Reviewer shaving with Harry’s Craft Handle. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

The Craft Handle: How’s It Shave?

I’m a hairy guy. Let me just start by saying that. I’ve done lots of shaving in my day and as previously mentioned, Harry’s is my go-to razor. This shave is everything I expected from a Harry’s shave in a more elevated format. As I said, each shave is consistent, smooth and effortless. It’s still got that classic 5-blade design, so shave effectiveness doesn’t change at all with the Craft Handle.

I’m really into the change in shape Harry’s went for here, but it definitely takes some getting used to. I’m not the type of person to hold my razor like a pen, but the shape at the top of the handle is way too tempting with the Craft Handle that I have decided I’m going to continue to play around with the way I hold this handle from here on out.

After using Harry’s more colorful, grippy handles as typically seen in the Truman (my normal go-to), I’ve kind of sworn off metal-handled razors due to a fear of slippage. Because of the gripping dots on the Craft Handle, I have no fear of using this metal handle at all. It hasn’t slipped once.

Courtesy of Harry's

Last Thoughts on the Craft Handle

At just $15, the Craft Handle is not only a visual powerhouse, but it’s also an affordable powerhouse. For those of you Harry’s fans dedicated to the brand but not necessarily the funky-colored handles, this is an awesome option to help further your love of the world of Harry’s. Of the three handles currently available from our favorite razor brand, this one feels the most sophisticated. The one with a little bit more hair on its chest. The teacher rather than the student.

Personally, I’m excited to continue to use the Craft Handle in my almost-daily shaving sessions and I suggest you give this newbie a shot yourself. You can purchase the Craft Handle today on Harry’s website for just $15 below.