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Everything in Hawthorne’s New Self Care Line at Target Is Under $10

Hawthorne, one of our favorite DTC self care brands for men just launched an exclusive, 14-item collection at Target and everything is $10 or less. We’re talking shampoos, conditioners, body washes, face cleansers and lotions for a variety of hair and skin types all available at super affordable prices.

After gathering data on the grooming needs of over 1 million men, Hawthorne and Target developed these products with diversity in mind. The two co-founders, Brian and Phil are of Chinese, Haitian and Korean descent, and created the brand out of not wanting to settle for products that don’t meet their unique self care needs.

Hawthorne launch

Now you can find thoughtfully-designed products for all men in the Target grooming aisle, including a non-foaming “Frizz Fighter” shampoo and conditioner formulated to moisturize all types of hair. All the products are also free of sulfates, parabens, silicones and phthalates, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Here are a few of our favorite products from the collection.

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Hawthorne Thickening Shampoo

Hawthorne’s new thickening shampoo is made with rice protein and vitamin E for strengthening hair and creating fullness, as well as thickening hair and helping repair damaged or receding hair. The mint eucalyptus scent is also formulated by award-winning cologne perfumers for a refreshing cleansing experience.

Hawthorne shampoo


Hawthorne Ultra Nourishing Conditioner

Hawthorne’s new ultra-nourishing conditioner is made with antioxidant-rich ingredients for replenishing the hair and scalp, and has a super moisturizing formula for detangling and restoring hydration. It’s designed to be good for all hair types, especially curly and coily hair, and has an expertly-designed woody citrus scent.

Hawthorne ultra nourishing conditioner


Hawthorne Everyday Face Cleanser

Everyone needs a solid cleanser they can use on a daily basis to clean their face of oil, sunscreen, dirt and gunk that accumulates out in the world. This one is made to wash away the day easily with a nutrient-packed formula. It’s made with effective ingredients like aloe and has a naturally-derived geranium leaf scent.

Hawthorne face cleanser