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I Started Losing My Hair at 18; Shaving My Head Was One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

Guys, are you noticing that every time you shampoo, more hair is collecting on your hands and in the drain? Are you waking up to hair-covered pillows that don’t resemble the fur of your shedding dog? Are you constantly trying to hide the fact that your hair is thinning by covering that noggin with a hat or with, god forbid, a combover?

I know all about the tricks guys use to hide their receding hairline, and I have bad news for you: those baseball hats and awkward hairstyles aren’t fooling anybody, buddy.

Well, what if there was a more dignified solution? There is, and here’s what you have to do: shave it all off.

I know it sounds extreme, but when you finally say goodbye to those awkward hairline-hiding practices, all the anxiety you’re experiencing due to hair loss will disappear.

Take it from me, I know from experience. My hair started thinning when I was just 18 years old.

Instead of looking for ways to combat hair loss, I got stuck in the first stage of mourning — denial. I didn’t use Rogaine, I didn’t use Hims — I more or less ignored the issue and told myself it couldn’t be happening because I was so young. I would constantly wear hats, I parted my hair differently to try and hide my problem areas, but no matter what I did, the knowledge that someone might find out I was balding was constantly on my mind.

Losing my hair caused me so much anxiety. Then, when I was 20 years old, I officially let myself have my Britney Spears moment. I finished my spring semester, came home, grabbed my hair clippers and went to town. Did I have a mild panic attack looking at myself freshly bald in the mirror for the first time? Absolutely. I had never even had a buzzcut in my life. But through and through, it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

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Let me be completely frank about your hair: nobody gives a shit besides you.

When you finally shave your head and embrace the bald, you aren’t going to lose any friendships. You aren’t going to be considered ugly. You aren’t going to be made fun of. (At least, not more than you can handle.) Any guy with thinning hair that decides to take the plunge can, and this is a fact, completely rock the look. Your confidence will skyrocket to a spot it’s never been no matter your age. Again, take it from me, I was only 20 years old when I shaved it all off — most dudes don’t have to worry about this until they’re in their 30s, and my confidence has never been greater in my entire life.

Celebrities like The Rock, Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan have all rocked the shaved head look, and these guys are exemplars of masculine cool. In fact, many guys have taken quarantine as their chance to experiment with this increasingly popular men’s hairstyle.

Remember: a thinning head of hair looks way, way, way worse than a completely bald head. If you’re 25 years old, the thinning look will easily age you to around 15 years older and truthfully, will make you look quite creepy. Additionally, tons of guys allow thinning hair to epitomize their entire existence to the point that it drowns their confidence, and let me tell you, it shows.

On the other hand, a 25-year-old guy with a freshly shaved head looks mature for his age, looks hotter and feels more confident overall. Especially if you’re able to grow out that beard? People will flock.

I want you to look at the picture below and ask yourself one question: would this male stock photography model look more or less sexy with an awkward combover?

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If you’re suffering from hair loss and even thinking about shaving your head, I suggest you go full throttle and just do it. Embrace the bald head look.

I already know you’ll be thanking me later.


Take the Plunge: Shaving Your Head for the First Time

Here’s something else that’s great about rocking the shaved head look: no more trips to the barber. With a few simple grooming tools, you can maintain your new look all by yourself.

If you’re looking to go bald in the comfort of your own home so you can say goodbye on your own terms, here’s what you’re going to need.

1. Hair Clippers

No matter the amount of hair you have on your head, you’re going to want to start with some clippers to chop it all off. My suggestion is that you started with the very top, frontal part of your head. This is the point of no return. If you begin chopping on the back or sides, you might chicken out and tell yourself that today isn’t the day. Well, today is the day, so the front it is.

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2. Razor

After you look at yourself in the mirror, rub your head and maybe even cry for around 15 minutes, it’s time to shave away the little hairs on the top of your head. Truthfully though, after I shaved my head for the first time, it took me a whole month and a half to finally gain the courage to rid the buzzed look. Even though when I finally did it made me full-shave every time now, take your time on this end. The hardest part is over, so if you want to keep what you have left for a little, you do you. But I will say, the full-shaved look looks a ton better. You’ll see when you do it eventually.

I notice that I get my best shaves from Harry’s line of razors. I always buy mine at Target because they’re much cheaper than they are at Amazon.

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3. Shaving Gel

Do not, I repeat, do NOT try shaving your head with just water. I know some guys do that when it comes to shaving their face, and it’s like, why? Do you want razor burn? Do you hate fun? I don’t get it. If you try shaving your head without a slick cream or gel, you’re going to regret it.

While I’m pretty interchangeable with my shaving creams and gels, I am still a sucker for anything Harry’s. This gel comes in a really affordable 3-pack which is great for when you’re shaving your head. Never underestimate how much gel you’re going to use to get that whole noggin looking clean.

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4. Post Shave Dew

I know, I know, going from raving about Harry’s to a product from Dollar Shave Club seems weird, but hear me out — this stuff slaps. I love using the post shave dew on my head to end every shave. It makes me feel clean and ready for the day no matter what it’s going to bring. It’s kind of like putting shoes on before you leave the house. It’s something you have to do after every head shave.

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