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How to Shave Your Head — Plus Everything You’ll Need To Do It the Right Way

If you’re stuck at home, you’ve probably been wrestling with how to handle your hair. Most people turn to professionals to cut their hair because cutting hair is easier said than done. But there is one solution you may not have considered yet: going bald! Yup, we’re here to show you how to shave your head (the right way).

Sure, baldness isn’t for every guy, but there’s a good chance you’re going to go bald at some point anyway, depending on your sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, the primary hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

Shaving your head might seem radical, but it’s simpler than cutting your hair and involves zero upkeep. Not to mention you’ll never need to buy shampoo and conditioner again.

So whether you’re just looking to clean up your look or already dealing with some degree of balding, shaving your head could be the solution you’re looking for.

Thankfully, we know a thing or two about balding and shaving heads, so we’ve gone ahead and outlined all the steps and products you’ll need for a successful shave.


1. Buzz Your Head

If this is your first foray into head shaving, you probably have quite a bit of hair on your head still. Before you can shave your head, you’re going to have to remove the bulk of your hair using clippers. Because you’re aiming to shave afterward, just aim to get your hair as short as possible.

Before you go clipping away, keep these things in mind:

  • You definitely want to be in a well-lit bathroom with tiles for an easier clean up.
  • Make sure your hair doesn’t have any product in it.
  • Clippers are meant for dry hair, so don’t do this right after you get out of the shower.

Many of the best clippers we recommend are sold out online, but anything from Andis, Wahl or Remington will do.

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Two clippers we recommend are Andis Professional Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper and Nicewell Hair Clippers. The Andis clipper doesn’t come with clips and has wires, but it’s a professional-grade tool powerful enough to cut through the thickest of hair. And since you’re looking to shave your head, the additional clips wouldn’t matter too much.

The Nicewell Hair Clippers are less powerful and cheaper, but they do come with additional clips. They’re also wireless making the process of shaving your head easier, mostly because you don’t have to duck or dodge a wire.

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2. Apply Shaving Cream

If you’ve ever shaved your beard, then you’re familiar with this step. Take a good amount of cream, but not too much, and rub it all over your head until you’ve got a nice lather going.

The best shaving creams and gels help prevent cuts and nicks by creating a smooth surface for the razor to glide over. They also help stand the hairs up, which makes it easier for the razor’s blades to catch and cut them. We recommend Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream. This plant-derived cream contains caffeine, aloe and spearmint and works as well for your head as it does for your beard, so your soon-to-be shiny dome will be as smooth and healthy as the rest of your skin.

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3. Shave your head

The next step is to shave it. To be honest, there’s no secret sauce here. Other than the difference in angles, shaving is shaving, so everything you do when shaving your beard, you’ll want to do when shaving your head.

But if this is your first head shave, there are a few nuances to keep in mind:

  • Take it slow! Your head isn’t going anywhere, so there’s no need to rush.
  • Don’t press too hard or try to get all the hair in one pass of the razor. That’s a recipe for unpleasant nicks and cuts. You can always re-apply cream and run the razor over the area again to get any hair you missed on the first pass.
  • Shave along the contours of your head. Your head has a unique shape with unique lines. Follow them with the razor, and don’t forget to fold down your ears as you shave around them.
  • Avoid dull blades. You do not want to be walking around with a bit of tissue stuck to your head because you pressed too hard and cut yourself. Sharp blades are safe blades because you don’t have to press hard to make them work.
  • Rinse your razor regularly. When hair and dead skin get stuck in between blades, they block the blades from working properly and create more clogging which blocks the blades further. It’s a vicious cycle, so be sure to rinse the blades any time you feel the razor fighting against the hairs or skin too much.

Now is not the time for a disposable razor unless you’re in a real pinch. We recommend the Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor. Three blades, a lubrication strip and a skin guard allows the razor does all the heavy lifting for you. The spacing on these blades also make rinsing a breeze. Add in the low price point for the razor and replacement blades, and you’ll be shaving your head on the cheap for years.

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4. Rinse, dry and survey the situation

The easiest step of them all. Once you’re finished shaving, rinse your head and towel off. Before you celebrate, get nice and close in the mirror and thoroughly examine your scalp to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. It’s best to actually run your hand across your scalp to feel for any rough areas, especially for the back of your head. If you don’t have someone who can check the back of your head for you, we recommend using a handheld mirror, like OMIRO’s Hand Mirror, in front of your main mirror to check. If you missed a spot, just re-apply a bit of cream and pass the razor over the area again.

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5. Moisturize your scalp with an aftershave

Aftershave isn’t strictly necessary, but it can help prevent redness and help soothe and moisturize your exposed and irritated scalp. We recommend throwing on a bit of Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Aftershave. This aftershave pairs with the shaving cream we recommended and it boasts all the same features: all-natural, organic ingredients and caffeine, aloe and spearmint for less razor burn and a nice minty smell. Just take a bit and gently rub it into the skin on your scalp. Be sure to hit any areas that feel noticeably irritated.

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6. Upkeep

The next time you want to shave your head, your hair will be short enough you won’t need bulky clippers. But if your hair is a little too long to go straight to a shave, you may want an electric razor designed specifically for heads. We recommend the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Electric Head and Face Razor. It’s small enough to hold in your hand comfortably while the four-headed blade cuts through whatever hair has grown back. The blades snap apart for easy cleaning, and the razor also charges via USB, so as long as you have a computer or wall adapter you’re good to go. As a bonus, Skull Shaver even throws in a three-headed blade for your face too.

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