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The 5 Best Products You Need When Growing Out Your Hair This Summer

* Growing out your hair requires patience and special hair care products
* Longer hair is an easy way to give yourself a new look this summer
* Use these products to give your new hair the attention it needs

With the arrival of summer comes warmer weather and longer nights. You’ll be out and about with friends and attending weddings and parties every other week. These regular social events mean summer is a great time to rock a new look and none is better than growing out your locks. Long hair doesn’t just give you an all-around healthier look, it provides you with a range of possible styling options, too.

Short hair requires little upkeep, but it’s limited in terms of occasion-specific styling. Although maintaining luscious locks does require a certain level of care, it means you’ll have a range of choices for styling your hair. Whether you choose a product-less natural look or a smart parting for a special occasion, get noticed this summer with an eye-catching look.

This collection of hair care products is ideal for keeping your new, long locks under control and ensuring your hair remains in the best shape possible. Remember that long hair requires different products than your short hair did so you’ll need to invest in shampoo, conditioner and styling agents. From removing tangles to maximizing volume, make sure your hair looks the best it can this summer and enjoy a brilliant new long haired look.

1. Wet Brush Pro Paddle Detangler Hair Brush

As your hair gets longer, you’re going to want to keep tangles and knots to a minimum. This

is just the ticket. The specially designed brush comes in a range of colors and detangles hair without causing pain. It can be used on both dry and wet hair as well as all hair types, including straight, curly and thick. It even works on extensions, too. Plus, the brush features an ergonomically designed handle to make brushing comfortable and effortless.

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2. SACHAJUAN Thickening Shampoo

Growing your hair long isn’t the only way to make it look like there’s more on your head. This

has been enriched with ocean silk and technology designed specifically to deliver volume-filled hair. In addition, it provides protection from heat and UV and won’t leave any kind of residue behind. This shampoo is a great option for anyone with fine, lifeless and limp hair. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, this shampoo is a great option as it will leave you with a healthier, shinier and fuller head of hair.

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3. Terra Ties Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties

As your hair grows out, there will be times when you just want it tied up and out of the way. These

are made for the job. Whether you’re studying, working out or cooking, one of these ties will keep your new locks from getting in the way. In addition, these hair ties are made from natural and biodegradable materials, which means when you inevitably lose or break one, your environmental conscience can remain completely clean.

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4. R+Co Television Perfect Hair Conditioner

You’re going to want your hair in the best shape it can be as it grows long, so adding a top-quality conditioner, like the

, is a great idea. This paraben-free and vegan-friendly conditioner gives your hair more body and shine while also softening and strengthening it, too. It contains a mix of juniper berry extract, babassu seed oil and glycerin, which all work to retain moisture in your hair, to keep a healthy oil balance and to moisturize dry hair and scalp.

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5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Volare V1 Dryer

Give your hair the care it deserves with the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Volare V1 Dryer. This advanced dryer was designed in cooperation with Ferrari. It delivers high air pressure and impressive airflow with less vibration and less noise than your average hair dryer. It also boasts a number of heat levels and power levels to choose from, and it comes in red or black. All in all, this hair dryer makes giving your hair a professional-standard blow out easy.

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