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Meet the Beard Hedger: MANSCAPED’s First-Ever Beard Trimmer

Here at SPY, we love testing electronic grooming products. Throughout the course of the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to cover the world’s best bald head shavers, the best beard trimmers, the best body groomers and more. While testing all of these lovely products, it’s been impossible to avoid one of the coolest brands in men’s grooming: MANSCAPED.

Though MANSCAPED has only really been known for making below-the-belt products since they got their start, today, January 17, marks a massive transition for the brand. That’s right, we’re kissing our nether regions goodbye for the time being and using MANSCAPED on our faces. Introducing, the MANSCAPED Beard Hedger.

Courtesy of MANSCAPED

This is MANSCAPED’s first-ever beard trimmer and it’s been a long-awaited release for fans. If you’ve ever had the experience of using MANSCAPED’s line of impressive body groomers, you’ll know that nobody quite does it as MANSCAPED does. We’ve considered time and time again the idea of bringing the buzzer from our pubes to our faces, but our consciences wouldn’t let us. With the Beard Hedger, we never will have that intrusive thought again.

The Beard Hedger has the power to delicately rid hair on your face in one swipe. It uses a powerful cordless body running on a li-on battery at 60 minutes a charge for ease of use. The device includes a zoom wheel that allows users to choose up to 20 different length settings without needing to change the comb. This maximizes your time trimming and minimizes combs lost in your Dopp kit.

One thing we hate about modern beard trimmers? A lot of the most popular brands don’t let you know when your trimmer is running out of juice. It simply just dies. The Beard Hedger eradicates this issue by including a three-tiered LED battery indicator which lets users know when it’s time to charge up. Whether you prefer a dry or wet trim doesn’t matter either, the Beard Hedger is totally waterproof so you can use it in and out of the shower.

Courtesy of MANSCAPED

To top everything off, MANSCAPED has released this beard trimmer in what they’re called the Beard Hedger Pro Kit, a grooming kit that includes a beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, balm and more. Essentially, everything you need for the best beard around.

You can pick up the Beard Hedger for $99 on Amazon and at MANSCAPED in addition to the Beard Hedger Pro Kit at MANSCAPED now for just $206. If you choose not to, both items will remain at full price. In addition, we were recently able to get a unit ourselves and plan on writing a full review later this month. Stay tuned!