Stop Putting Junk on Your Face — Embrace the Natural Grooming Trend With These Clean Men’s Products

men's natural grooming products
Courtesy of Olivina Men

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Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow dropped Goop, her line of natural skincare products in 2015, every product you can rub, scrub or comb through a part of your body has slowly been shifting to become greener. Going “all natural” and “clean” isn’t just a trend save for juice cleanses or cleaning products — turns out the grooming world could’ve benefitted from getting rid of a few synthetic chemicals as well. It makes sense, if you’re working out all the time and eating clean but rubbing chemicals all over your face before bed every night the two things kind of work against each other. Parabens and sulfates are two of the most common synthetic ingredients in most grooming products — and have become the two most frequently on the chopping block with new, trendy natural grooming brands for men and women. Parabens are preservatives that keep the product fresher for longer, and sulfates help create foam. Thankfully, they’ve both turned out to be dispensable and many natural grooming brands have found worthwhile alternatives.

The truth of the matter is — there’s very little FDA regulation of the beauty and grooming industry when it comes to using the terms “natural” and “clean” to describe their products. A lot of it is marketing language — which is why you have the read the ingredient list on most products before you buy them to be sure. There are also plenty of synthetic ingredients that are perfectly safe to use, so don’t worry — we’re not saying you have to just rub olive oil, tea tree oil and witch hazel on your body till the end of time. There’s a nice middle ground, and it’s been accomplished by all of the brands below.

While it’s hard to generalize about ingredients that every natural grooming product DOES contain, it’s easier to point out what they do not — this mostly being parabens, sulfates, phthalates and/or artificial fragrances. Some have gotten rid of multiple of these things, the more the better. Not only does simpler ingredients mean the product is higher quality due to the lack of cheap synthetics, it’s also better for the environment and less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin types.

There are many natural grooming brands for men and women worth highlighting, so I’ve decided to pick a winner for every major grooming product out there. That being said, each of these products is not the only thing the brand listed is known for, so feel free to browse each site and check out their other offerings as well. Here are the best men’s natural grooming products of 2021.

1. PURA D’OR Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner


This shampoo & conditioner dup from PURA D’OR is made with natural preservatives and is formulated to be anti-hair thinning and promote hair strength, volume and reduce breakage. The formula is clinically effective while being made with an herbal blend of pumpkin seed, black cumin seed oil, nettle extract and other vegan ingredients. The active ingredients Biotin and argan oil protect hair from damage and through infused vitamins strength the whole hair shaft and cleanse the scalp.

pura d'or shampoo and conditioner, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Amazon


2. Green People for Men Texturizing Styling Gel


Okay, I’ll admit this doesn’t seem like the hair gel that’s going to lock each strand solidly in place for the entire day — but I’m going to recommend you stray away from that anyways. Natural movement is in — and this organic styling gel promotes the hair’s natural movement with only a light hold so your locks can still do their thing. It’s from a UK brand called Green People that has natural products for men, women and children alike. It’s made with avocado oil and B-vitamins that nourish and moisturize without build-up on the scalp, flakiness or irritation. It’s a concentrated formula so you’ll get your money’s worth, and it’s made with 96% organic ingredients.

green people styling gel, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Green People


3. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant


This deodorant, like all deodorant, can be worn by any gender — so it’s not specifically formulated for men. But, it has great reviews and is aluminum-free. Natural deodorant is a bit of a controversial topic in sweaty circles and I know I’ve been a skeptic on many an occasion. However, this brand has great reviews for its odor-neutralizing abilities and 24-hour protection. The brand has a scent for everyone including this charcoal & magnesium variety. It’s made with plant-based ingredients that are formulated to be gentle on skin but effective. The deodorant is vegan and contains no artificial fragrances, phthalates or parabens.

schmidt's deodorant, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Amazon


4. Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men


This is another UK brand that you may have heard of before — but they make excellent grooming products with all-natural ingredients like this charcoal face wash for dry and sensitive skin. The ingredient list is 99% natural, 60% organic and contains no irritating chemicals. The activated charcoal deep cleans pores while olive oil and jojoba oil nourish and rebuild your skin’s layers. Aloe vera moisturizes at the end so you’re left with a clean, balanced complexion. You can get this face wash unscented or scented with a refreshing blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Brickell face wash, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Brickell


5. Cali White Organic Toothpaste


All-natural toothpaste is another great alternative to the chemical-filled ones in the dental care aisle that aren’t necessary to use to get pearly whites. This toothpaste from Cali White has been clinically proven to whiten 7.7 shades using activated charcoal and coconut oil as the top ingredients. It has a mint flavoring and isn’t made with peroxide so if you’ve got sensitive teeth you won’t have a problem with this brand. The formula is vegan, paraben and triclosan-free.

cali white activated charcoal toothpaste, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Amazon


6. Olivina Men Mountain Sage Cologne


Fragrance doesn’t require chemicals! Essential oils have musk that’s plenty strong if formulated correctly, as evidenced by this Mountain Sage cologne from the natural grooming brand Olivina Men. Natural colognes are more subtle which trust me is what women want — no one wants a nose full of synthetic fragrance every time you walk by or share an Uber. This blend is made with crisp conifer and desert-ready sage so you’ll smell like the outdoors… in a good way. You’ll be the mountain man you’ve always wanted to be in just a few sprays that last all day.

mountain sage cologne, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Olivina Men


7. Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Balm


The most important element of beard balm? The ability to moisturize! No one wants a Brillo pad beard, and no one wants to kiss one either — so soften it up naturally with this balm from Shea Moisture. It’s made with Maracuja oil that’s been infused into the butter for even deeper levels of hydration, and a little goes a long way. It works on all beard types, especially coarse-hair beards that need taming, and gets rids of scruff through styling and softening at the same time.

shea moisture beard balm, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Shea Moisture


8. Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute


If you prefer beard oil to beard balm, no worries — we’ve got you with this Port Products blend that nourishes, softens and smooths all facial hair. It’s made with Argan and Grapeseed oils that are made to moisturize without clogging pores. It has a sandalwood scent blended with Bergamot essential oils for a woodsy vibe, and it can be used all over your face as a moisturizer to tone and energize your tired old pores if need be.

port products conditioning beard absolute, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Port Products


9. Triumph & Disaster YLF Body Wash


You should try out this New Zealand natural grooming brand simply due to its ridiculously dramatic name — and the fact that its body wash is beloved. The brand never uses denatured alcohol or concentrated menthols, and opts for natural, nourishing ingredients like Argan oil, green tea, Vitamin E and Kawakawa extract instead. The scent is Sandalwood and Neroli which add a subtle and satisfying musk, and the formula is designed to be used all over your body to save you time and simplify your routine.

Triumph & Disaster YLF Body Wash Courtesy of Triumph & Disaster


10. Port Products Face Saving Shave Formula


How do you achieve a shaving cream without synthetic ingredients that cause a lather? Well, you don’t — but it’s okay. You actually don’t need the lather to get a good shave, and this moisturizing formula from Port Products proves that. The coconut oil extracts inside reduce surface tension and create a smooth barrier for you to get a smooth shave easily. This formula also contains willow bark and aloe vera to soothe skin and reduce inflammation and irritation. It also contains apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, green tea and lavender — it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free and fragrance-free.

port products face saving shave formula, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Port Products


11. Port Products Balancing Daily Moisturizer


Yes, another Port Products product — they’re just that good! This moisturizer is made to be fast-absorbing so you avoid that gross greasy feeling when lotion just sits on your skin. It soothes redness, fights your skin’s incessant need to produce more oil than is needed and controls shine. It’s also anti-aging and contains ginger root to fight acne.

port products balancing daily moisturizer, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Port Products


12. Olivina Men All-in-One Cleansing Cloths


Need a refresh? Sometimes you feel like you smell, or you biked to work and the temperature was a bit too steamy for comfort. Regardless, you need a quick cleanse before someone realizes you reek — these wipes from Olivina will rescue you. They come in a few different essential-oil based fragrances and are certified organic. They contain a quick-drying formula that’ll freshen you right up so you can take on the rest of your day without the “do I smell?!” thoughts clouding your mental space.

Olivina Men refreshing wipes, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Olivina Men


13. Brickell Restoring Eye Cream for Men


It’s time to put those dark under eye bags down, or at least reduce your puffiness a little bit with this eye cream from Brickell. Yes, it’s the same brand as above because this formula is also made with natural, organic ingredients and also happens to be quite effective. It’s perfect for men of any age who want more energized, brighter eyes, reduced wrinkles and fewer dark circles. This formula uses Vitamin C, green tea, aloe and protein peptides to accomplish its tasks and is unscented.

Brickell men's eye cream, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Amazon


14. Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap Variety Pack


If you haven’t seen Dr. Squatch’s commercials yet — you’ve got to check them out. Whoever does their advertising is hilarious and knows what they’re doing. They use no harsh chemicals, parabens, sls or palm oil in their products and each bar is made small batch using a cold process in the US. The bars are great for exfoliation, cleansing your entire body, washing your face, and a pre-shaving routine. This pack comes with their three best bar scents — pine tar, cedar citrus and gold moss.

dr. squatch bar soap, men's natural grooming products Courtesy of Amazon