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Trim Your Tree With Meridian Grooming Packages for Your Package

At this point, we’re at the tail-end of No-Shave November, but the SPY team has abstained from the annual event. We cover a lot of men’s grooming products, and you just can’t keep us away from our shaving and self-care routines. And as we head into the long nights of winter, we have a grooming recommendation for our readers: it’s finally time to ditch your low-quality below-the-belt trimming routine and upgrade to something a little more grade-A. For guys who like to keep their groin area in fighting shape, cheap hair trimmers and, god forbid, regular old scissors, just aren’t going to cut it.

We recently named Meridian one of our favorite indie grooming brands, and this upstart brand has a killer line of products. The brand has three different grooming packages specifically meant to tame your package, if you catch our drift. (We would say that pun was unintended, but that would be a lie.) Earlier this year, Meridian sent SPY one of its grooming kits for testing, and we were extremely skeptical.

Instead, Meridian blew us away. The Comfort Package includes the most comfortable pair of boxers we’ve ever worn, full stop. After a light spritzing of the company’s ball deodorant, our business stayed fresh no matter how skinny our jeans. And the trimmer is a work of art — perfectly weighted, it feels great in your hand and delivers a nick-free trimming experience.

Meridian Grooming has three packages to choose from depending on your trimming needs. Some dudes prefer less while others prefer more, and Meridian understands that.

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This holiday shopping season is the perfect time to purchase the best trimming package and finally take that out-of-control forest below the belt. Below, you can find each package from Meridian and decide which fits your needs best. Whether this ends up under the Christmas tree or inside your own bathroom, you won’t regret placing


1. The Complete Package

The name says it all — this is really the complete package. This product set from Meridian comes with everything guys need to properly groom themselves down there without all the bells and whistles. It’s really the essential box for dudes looking to trim and keep clean. Included, you can find Meridian’s heavyweight, waterproof trimmer designed specifically for below-the-belt trimming. It’s made to eliminate tough, coarse hairs without pulling or tugging on your skin, which will, in turn, result in less pain and ingrown hairs.

The package also comes with Meridian’s citrus-infused down-below spray so you can keep fresh even when you might not be. This stuff works especially well for dudes that don’t necessarily let their balls breathe — we’re looking at you, skinny jean wearers. The trimmer comes with two adjustable combs, a cleaning brush and a USB charger.

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Courtesy of Meridian Grooming


2. The Maintenance Package

For dudes who need a little more than just the basics, The Maintenance Package is a stellar choice. Just like The Complete Package, this set comes with Meridian’s classic heavyweight, waterproof trimmer in your choice of black or onyx and their iconic odor-destroying ball spray. This grooming kit comes with two extra backup blades to protect those private parts a little longer.

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Courtesy of Meridian Grooming


3. The Comfort Package


Get everything you would in The Maintenance Package with a bit of an extra surprise. For just $5 more, The Comfort Package includes a cozy pair of undies thrown into the mix. And when we say cozy, we really, really mean it — our managing editor Tim Werth had the chance to test out The Comfort Package and raves, “The underwear in this package is straight up the greatest underwear I’ve ever worn, no joke.” A claim that big is well-worth the extra $5 so you can test them out for yourself. The Comfort Package includes Meridian’s waterproof trimmer, their anti-odor ball spray, one backup blade, and of course, the comfiest pair of men’s boxer briefs money can buy. The trimmer is available in black or onyx, so pick your poison and get trimming.

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Courtesy of Meridian Grooming