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According To Instagram, These Are The Most Popular Men’s Haircuts of 2019 (So Far)

* It is only getting harder to determine what hairstyle is best for each person
* To make sure you’re not going out of style, take our suggestions on these haircuts
* Fresh looks from style icons on social media

Maybe it’s been a month since your last haircut and you’re starting to look a little too shaggy. A trip to your hair stylist is necessary, but you’re not sure what haircut you should get. The old hair cut you’ve gotten the last seven times just seems like old news, and you want to explore your options.

Taking that leap of faith on a new haircut can be an intimidating thing, but have no fear. We have compiled a list of the most popular hairstyles for 2019 that will have you shedding that winter/spring look and stepping into summer looking all kinds of fresh. SPY tip: screengrab these picks on here (or on your IG) to give your hairstylist a

1. Crew Cut

This is an American classic with shorter sides and an update, slightly-longer length on top. Justin Timberlake debuted this cut during his campaign for his new collection with Levi’s. If JT is rocking this look, then you’ve got the green light for Summer 2019.


2. Buzz Cut

Pharrell Williams has been rocking this cut for ages and spices it up from time to time by dyeing it different colors like blonde, red and even green. If you’re easing into the look, maybe avoid the green. SPY tip: ask your barber to be honest and let you know if he thinks you’ve got the head shape to pull off a buzz cut. The look is great for summer (I.e. no drying time necessary after a day at the beach) but it won’t look good if you’ve got a larger forehead, higher hairline or unevenly shaped head.


3. Hard Part

Adam Levine was seen rocking the hard part earlier this year at one of his performances. This look is short on the sides, but long on top with no fade. Try it out and style the longer hair however you’d like. Consider using a good pomade to really get the slicked down look like Levine.

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4. Long and Wavy

Here we can see two rockstar actors letting their hair down and according to Instagram, it’s a hit. As of this writing, this post had 1.2 million likes and counting.

Who had the best hair on Game of Thrones? Kit Harrington and Jason Momoa each let their locks grow out for the show and have become quite popular because of it. SPY tip: Whether you let it grow down to your shoulders like Momoa, or keep it short and curly like Harrington, a little bit of styling mousse goes a long way (no pun intended).

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