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First Look: The Panasonic Multishape Will Be the Biggest Men’s Grooming Product of the Year

Panasonic just announced the upcoming release of a 5-in-1 electric men’s grooming tool, which combines a beard trimmer, body groomer, electric shaver, nose hair trimmer and electric toothbrush into a single device. Meet the Panasonic Multishape, which is scheduled to be released in the United States in August 2022.

Panasonic sent SPY a Multishape unit for testing, and based on our experience, we think this is going to be the biggest men’s grooming product of 2022, and a grooming tool that’s sure to appear on lists of the best Christmas gifts. While the idea of brushing your teeth with the same tool you use for trimming your beard might seem strange at first, we’ve been very impressed with the product so far.

The Multishape will be available for sale in August at, and the complete system will cost $175 with basic units priced at $125.

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Courtesy of Panasonic

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Courtesy of Panasonic


About the Panasonic Multishape 5-in-1 Grooming System

This innovative system has the potential to replace at least four different grooming products currently taking up space inside of your medicine cabinet. All you have to do is pop one head off and snap another on and your beard trimmer instantly transforms into an electirc razor. The transition from shaving your body to brushing your teeth has never been more effortless.

The term “all-in-one” isn’t something Panasonic is taking lightly with the Multishape. They truly mean it when they say it. Never before have we seen a device that can trim your body hair just as well as it can clean your teeth. With five attachments in total, this space saver is exceptionally packable and fits incredibly well into your carry-on or overnight bag.

We recently named a Pansonic beard trimmer the best beard trimmer of the year due to its ease of use and lack of comb extensions. Although the beard trimmer didn’t come with a number of comb extensions, Panasonic included a killer design that allowed for one comb to manage a number of different lengths. Panasonic included the exact same design in the Multishape by allowing for one head to provide 58 length settings total. With just two comb attachments, the MULTISHAPE allows for lengths that go from 1-30mm. The trimmer head uses Japanese stainless steel blades that are built to last years for a precise shave over and over again and can be used wherever on your body.

In addition to trimming, the Multishape has a powerful electric shaver with three blades. The blades are positioned at a 30-degree angle for cuts that can rid of even the toughest hair from the root.

The Panasonic Multishape even has an extension that trims nose and ears hair without ever pulling. Instead of leaving unwanted trimmed hairs in your ear or nose, the head even includes a vacuum suction that makes for easy cleanup.

Last but not least, we have to talk about that electric toothbrush head. Using Sonic Vibration Technology, this toothbrush features extra-fine bristles for effective cleaning.

To make your grooming efforts that much easier, the MULTISHAPE uses a rechargeable battery that stays powered for up to 90 minutes total on a one-hour charge.

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The attachments that came with the Panasonic Multishape tested by the SPY team. Tim Werth | SPY

It’s rare that we see a truly innovative men’s grooming product like this. The closest comparison would probably be Gillette’s heated razor. However, while the heated razor was more of a novelty and nice-to-have, after testing the Panasonic Multishape, we can’t imagine going back to our regular beard trimmer. This is something we easily anticipate to become one of the top men’s gifts of 2022.

The best part of all? The Panasonic Multishape is actually surprisingly affordable for what it is. Buyers will be able to pick up this game-changing unit starting at just $175. The Panasonic Multishape launches in August, so you are going to have to wait a little longer to get your grooming on. But we’ve already seen enough to predict that this is going to be the next big thing in men’s grooming.