Review: Harry’s Launches New Line of Anti-Dandruff Products for Men

harrys new dandruff products
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Harry’s is one of our favorite online shaving clubs, but this independent men’s grooming brand has its eyes set on total world domination. Well, at least the men’s grooming world. Lately, you may have noticed Harry’s popular shaving creams and razors appearing in drug stores and grocery store shelves.  

And on Tuesday, September 29, Harry’s launched a new line of anti-dandruff products for men. Harry’s has already broken into new product categories like hair and skincare, but the brand’s new anti-dandruff products offer new tools to guys fighting flakes. You can pick up the whole suite of products for just $25, which is a small price to pay for banishing dandruff from your life.

Harry’s sent SPY these new dandruff treatments prior to launch for testing. In an email, a Harry’s representative told SPY that the goal was to create a “straightforward and effective” line of anti-dandruff products that achieved results without “the use of harsh chemicals, a synthetic smell, overdrying, and residue.”

And while I haven’t been testing these products for very long, so far these products live up to those promises. Below, you’ll find details on all of Harry’s new dandruff products, as well as some information on what causes this irritating skin problem and how to get flakes under control.

harry's anti-dandruff shampoo Courtesy of Harry's

The Lifecycle of Dandruff: How To Fight Flakes

I’ve always been a little vain about my hair, and so I was embarrassed to experience dandruff problems for the first time this year at the age of 32. I know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but I wasn’t looking forward to switching up my favorite shampoos and conditioners. Fortunately, Harry’s Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner arrived at the perfect time.

So what do guys like me need to know when using anti-dandruff products for the first time?

“Whether you’re experiencing dandruff for the first time or have suffered from symptoms for years, as a rule of thumb, I typically recommend looking for products that are free of harsh ingredients, like sulfates, parabens and dyes, as they can often irritate and dry out your scalp,” Carlos Charles, MD, a Board Certified Dermatologist who works with Harry’s, told SPY via email. “What I love about the new Harry’s line is how they’ve combined natural active ingredients like Jujube Bark Extract with Pyrithione Zinc, which are very gentle on the skin, yet incredibly effective as antifungals to restore scalp health.”

To understand what causes dandruff, you need to know about sebum, which is an oily substance produced by glands in your skin. Sebum is part of the skin’s natural barrier against germs, but it can also become home to a fungus called malassezia. Over time, this can cause irritation to your scalp’s skin, which is easy to neglect when it’s covered up by your otherwise gorgeous hair. This causes flaking and dandruff, which will get worse if you try to ignore it.

No one likes to think about fungal infections, but dandruff can be treated by regular cleaning with a hydrating shampoo. If that doesn’t work, a medicated shampoo containing the anti-fungal pyrithione Zinc can take care of the problem.


Harry’s New Line of Anti-Dandruff Products

Because dandruff can range from mild to severe, Harry’s didn’t simply create a one-size-fits-all anti-dandruff shampoo. The new line contains three versions of the brand’s new Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner — Dry Scalp (without pyrithione Zinc), Normal Strength and Extra Strength. Unlike some anti-dandruff shampoos, these products don’t smell like medicine. They have a light fragrance and lather up nicely in the shower.

That’s because these products contain skin-nourishing ingredients like black pepper, papaya extract and jujube bark extract, natural ingredients that help get skin irritation and dry skin under control.

Check out the whole line of anti-dandruff products below. If you aren’t sure which products are right for you, Harry’s has a new quiz on their website to help guys buy the right products.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner – Dry Scalp

The mild version of Harry’s anti-dandruff shampoo, the Dry Scalp formulation contains natural ingredients like papaya, aloe and black pepper. If you’re dealing with itchiness and occasional dandruff, this is the product you need.

harry's dandruff shampoo Courtesy of Harry's

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner – Normal Strength

The normal strength version of Harry’s anti-dandruff shampoo adds 1% pyrithione Zinc into the mix to fight the fungus that causes dandruff. This is one of the products I’ve been testing, and so far I’ve been very happy with the results. It feels refreshing on your scalp and doesn’t smell like medicine.

harry's anti-dandruff shampoo Courtesy of Harry's

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner – Extra Strength

If you’re dealing with persistent and severe dandruff, then it’s time to stop messing around. Harry’s Extra Strength dandruff shampoo has 2% pyrithione Zinc and 0.5% jujube bark extract. Together these ingredients get dandruff and irritation under control while providing relief from itching.

harry's extra strength dandruff shampoo

Harry’s Scalp Scrub

Here at SPY, we love a good exfoliating scrub for men. Unfortunately, most scrubs are only designed to treat your facial skin, leaving all of the skin on your scalp vulnerable to oil buildup and dandruff-causing fungus. This scalp scrub should be used once a week to maintain scalp health. It contains a mix of sugar, salicylic acid, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract.

harry's scalp scrub Courtesy of Harry's

Harry’s Scalp Cream

Finally, there’s Harry’s new anti-dandruff scalp cream. This leave-in conditioner uses aloe and an amino acid blend to soothe and hydrate your scalp skin. It’s an oil-free cream that will help banish dandruff flakes.

harry's scalp cream Courtesy of Harry's