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Deep Clean That Scalp With the Shampoo Brush That Will Change the Way You Shower

Suffering from an uncomfortably itchy scalp? Trying to use a little less shampoo and conditioner in the shower? Love to pamper yourself from time to time? No matter what your need is, boy, do we have a gamechanger for you. The Maxsoft Scalp Care Brush is here to alter the way you wash your hair forever and for the better.

This handheld hairbrush is potentially the best device created for deep cleaning that scalp of yours no matter your hair type. Thick, thin, curly, straight, coarse, even bald — give your scalp the deep cleaning treatment you never knew it needed by using this brush and getting down to the nitty-gritty.

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Designed with a comfortable gripped handle made for anyone, kids and adults alike can use this brush to clean their heads with ease. The scalp massager itself allows for less shampoo use by getting into nooks and crannies you never realized you were struggling to reach, too, ensuring an outstanding clean each time. Therefore, you’ll save time and money from excess hair products by simply scrubbing away at your head.

The scalp massager brush has thick silicone brushes that resemble your hairbrush’s bristles, just much thicker. Scrubbing the brush on your head activates blood flow to the scalp, exfoliates dead skin and feels simply incredible during the process.

Because this scalp massager brush has the power to rid of dead skin, it’s designed to irradicate buildup for people suffering from extremely dry and flaky scalp skin like the kind from people diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. Multiple reviewers on Amazon give this brush a five-star review simply because of that. It’s been able to fully cure multiple peoples’ dry and itchy scalps the way shampoos and conditioners haven’t been able to do.

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Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re the self-pampering type, this brush also turns your average shower into a self-made scalp massage treatment right at home. Rubbing this on your head feels like a dream because the bristles massage your head so soothingly. It seriously relaxes your scalp muscles and reduces overall stress caused by long workweeks. Try getting THAT from using just your hands. We all know that fingers don’t really do the trick as much as we’d like.

The Maxsoft Scalp Care Brush is silicone and fully manual, meaning you don’t need any batteries because it doesn’t vibrate or anything. Simply grasp it with your hand and go to town on that scalp — it’s that easy. Looking to get one of your own? These babies go for just under $9 on Amazon, where it has been reviewed almost 15,000 times with an overall 4.5-star rating. This scalp massager brush comes with just one problem to keep in mind: once you start using it, you’ll never want to stop.