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Moisturizing Shampoos To Soothe Your Dry Scalp

If you have ever experienced a dry and itchy scalp, you know how uncomfortable that can be. Plus, scratching an irritated scalp can be further aggravated with styling products. There are different reasons that your scalp might be dry, including dandruff, eczema, allergies, change of weather and sensitivity to hair products.

One remedy that can help provide a little relief for a simple dry scalp is a good moisturizing shampoo. Some can help to soothe your scalp, control your dandruff and even reduce itching.

Here are some of the best moisturizing shampoos for dry scalp.


1. Roux Weightless Precious Oils


Sometimes moisturizing hair products are pretty weighty and can leave your hair flat. But a product like Roux Weightless Precious Oils made with oils like argan, avocado, castor, coconut, jojoba, olive, sunflower seed and sweet almond adds moisture without making your hair limp. It also contains vitamins E and B5 and is suitable for removing product buildup.

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Image Courtesy of Roux

2. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo


As we get older our hair changes and our scalps can start to get dry. But you can keep your strands in check with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo that contains antioxidants to help your hair battle the pollution it faces on a daily basis. It also can improve elasticity which is important as you don’t want your hair breaking off every time you run a comb or hairbrush through it. Is made free of parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) sulfates, synthetic color and other chemicals.

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Image Courtesy of Alterna

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3. Nunzio Saviano Argan Oil Shampoo


Created by an award-winning stylist, Nunzio Saviano Argan Oil Shampoo is formulated using botanicals and natural ingredients such as argan and macadamia oil. It works well for hair that has been damaged from being processed and from heat delivering styling tools like blow dryers and curling irons.

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Image Courtesy of Nunzio Saviano

4. BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Shampoo


If your hair has been looking a little lackluster BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Shampoo with passion fruit oil and protein derived from quinoa can help to hydrate and smooth out the kinks and also add shine. It gives your hair a silky consistency and has a really refreshing scent that won’t compete with your cologne.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Dr. Yates Reset Clarifying Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar


Styling products, no matter how much they cost, can buildup on your scalp. Plus, chlorine or other chemicals from tap water can be hard to remove from your hair. This can all lead to flaking and dryness. A good practice is to use a clarifying cleansing shampoo once per week. Dr. Yates Reset Clarifying Shampoo with apple cider vinegar can help to remove stubborn build-up as well as condition and moisturize your hair so that you won’t look a frizzy mess. It is a weekly reset for your hair.

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Image Courtesy of Dr. Yates

6. CHI Infra Shampoo


CHI is known for its great hair styling tools but its hair care products are also notable like the Infra Shampoo. Its sulfate-free formula cleanses while adding moisture to your hair and scalp. And it protects to protect your hair from damage from blowdryers and other heat-based items.

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Image Courtesy of CHI

7. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil


Sebastian has been in the hair care game for quite a while now, and the brand knows what works. The Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Shampoo is a bit deceiving as it is lightweight but quite moisturizing shampoo. While it works well on all hair types, its conditioning ingredients like argan and jojoba oils make it an excellent choice for those with wavy hair because though it adds moisture, it doesn’t leave curly locks limp.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon


8. Wella Nutricurls  Micellar Shampoo


If your hair is somewhat wavy yet has some bend that makes it almost curly but primarily unruly, you need a moisturizing shampoo for dry scalps like Wella Nutricurls Micellar Shampoo that will meet you in the middle. The wheat bran extract helps to make your hair look lush and soothes your scalp, while the jojoba oil can add shine to the crimps in your hair.

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Image Courtesy of Wella

9. Curl Rehab Coconut Milk & Avocado Shampoo Conditioner


Controlling curly hair can be a battle and quite frankly it is probably best not to fight it but to instead just go with it. One way to do so is to just make sure that it is well moisturized to minimize breakage, frizz and dryness. Curl Rehab Coconut Milk & Avocado two-in-one shampoo/conditioner is a co-wash that can help as it is formulated specifically to meet the needs of the curly hair crew. Plus it is vegan, and free from parabens, mineral, petrolatum and sulfate-free.

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Image Courtesy of Curl Rehab

10. Miss Jessie’s Honey Harmless


In general, the curlier your hair, the more moisture it needs to stay frizz-free, and Miss Jessie’s Honey Harmless gentle formula is one of the best shampoos for dry scalps. It helps to control knots and tangles while making sure your coils are soft and hydrated.

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Image Courtesy of Miss Jessie's


11. Alodia Nourish & Hydrate Conditioning Shampoo


If have a curl pattern that is shaped like the letter Z, you want to make that you are sticking to products that are pretty natural and kind to your hair and scalp. Alodia Nourish & Hydrate Conditioning Shampoo does a good job of meeting those needs as it is made with plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera, rosemary, avocado and peppermint oil, which helps your scalp feel invigorated.

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Image Courtesy of Alodia

12. GAGE Tea Tree Shampoo


There is nothing fabulous about having a flaky scalp because it can be itchy and the flakes can find themselves all of your clothing which may be fine until you are wearing a darker color. Tea tree oil is often touted as an ingredient that is great at soothing flaky scalps and GAGE Tea Tree Shampoo may help to reduce itchiness reduce signs of flaking while balancing the oils on your scalp.

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Image Courtesy of Gage For Men

13. Truly Super Fruit Shampoo


If you have straight hair you know that it is at its most glorious when it is shiny. And to get it there you need a great balance of oils, conditioners to coat your strands. Super Fruit Shampoo + Conditioner is made with organic coconut, argan, organic tea tree, organic jojoba with an antioxidant boost. This shampoo is high-performance, healthy for your hair, made with fruit-based ingredients to coat your locks and will restore your hair’s naturally strong, smooth, silky form.

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Image Courtesy of Truly

14. Old Spice Hair Thickening Shampoo


Many of us know the name Old Spice and associate it with aftershave balm. The brand has changed its image literally and figuratively as well. There have multiple avenues from which you can experience its products, including shampoo. Old Spice Hair Thickening Shampoo is infused with biotin that can hydrate the hair plus used with the other part of the three-step system is said to thicken the hair.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

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