SPY Guide: How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home

Best items for at-home haircuts
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* Sometimes you just can’t make it to the salon
* Basic tools to get you started
* Start slow and work your way up

Cutting your own hair at home doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. While we may not recommend going from extremely long to short or trying specialized layering cuts, you can trim and shorten with minimal risk.

We’ve listed a few key items that will help you on your DIY haircutting journey. These specialized tools will not only make it a more pleasant experience but will (hopefully) help make it one that you won’t regret the next day.

1. Hair Cut Catching Cape

It might look a little funny, but this handy dandy cape is made especially for catching cut and stray hairs during a haircut. Perfect for cutting your own hair, this cape catch-all will keep your clothes and floors clean and hair-free as they are easily caught at the base of the cape. Made from a durable nylon material, this cape folds down small for convenient storage and will fit most sizes from a small child to adult.

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2. Professional Scissors, Shears and Razor Set

If you’re embarking on cutting your own hair then this is the most important time to invest in a good, specialized hairdressing scissor kit. The Kovira full set of hairdressing tools includes scissors, thinning scissors, shears and a trimming and styling razor. The items in this kit are all durable, made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel and are hygienic, easy to clean and non-tarnishable. These tools are also professionally made with a comfort grip to fit any thumb or finger and come with a zippered cushioned black leather storage case to keep them safely in their place.

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3. Remington Pro Clipper Kit

The Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit has everything you need for a quality haircut at home. The clipper fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you can easily reach the back of your head, neckline and around your ears for complete detailing. A rubberized grip gives you maximum control and precision ground, stainless steel blades easily cut through the thickest of hair, thus reducing pulling and snagging. This kit also includes nine length-adjusting combs, a cleaning brush, storage/travel pouch, oil to help maintain the clippers and a charger. Especially important to know is this clipper comes with an extra-wide curved blade that contours to the shape of your head to provide a close, even cut and ultimately give you total control.

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4. Remington Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

The Remington Lithium Power Series Vacuum Haircut Kit is a slightly fancier version of the one listed above and is the ultimate kit for cutting your hair in the comfort of your own home. Powered by a lithium-ion battery to provide consistent power to the titanium-coated blades, this clipper set has a powerful vacuum that ensures trimmed hair is captured in the expanded bin for easy disposal and off of your clothes or floor. With a whopping 18 included pieces, this all-inclusive kit has everything you need for a proper haircut. Titanium-coated blades provide the ultimate haircut experience and the included brush keeps the kit in top-notch condition by simply allowing you to rinse it under running water for quick clean up.

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5.  Flowbee Haircutting System

An oldie but goodie, the Flowbee Haircutting System provides a precise haircut each time by simply attaching to a vacuum cleaner with ease. Ideal for the entire family, this product can cut hair as short as 1/2 inches and as long as six inches and gives you the option for short layered, wedged, tapered and single-length cuts. The Flowbee literally attaches to your home vacuum and uses its suction powers to draw the hair up to the desired length to give you the perfect cut every time. The system includes the Flowbee head with hose, 10 spacers for desired hair length, a bottle of lubricant and a universal vacuum hose adapter.

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