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This $16 Beard Comb Doubles As a Bottle Opener

* About the size of a credit card, the Go-Comb conveniently fits in your wallet
* Works on men’s and women’s hair, not just beards
* Designed in Brooklyn

Did you ever think that someone would design something that could a) open a beer bottle, b) comb your hair or beard, and c) be thin enough to fit in a wallet? Even if you hadn’t thought of such a thing, it exists, and it was designed in Brooklyn. Go figure.

Made from “precision-crafted” stainless steel, the Go-Comb is incredibly lightweight at just 1 oz. and it doesn’t take up much more space than a credit card. After all, you probably have an uncle that still totes around that one black plastic comb in his pocket or wallet to comb his beard or mustache. Unlike your uncle’s this multi-functional comb can also crack open a bottle of beer,  and claims to be the “slimmest-profile” bottle opener available.

This particular model’s fine-tooth design will work for men or women with short hair, and other versions are available for those with longer hair. The Go-Comb also boasts an anti-static finish for a pleasant combing experience.

Not only does the Go-Comb solve two real-world problems, but it only costs $16. With Father’s Day and graduation around the corner, you might as well stock up while you can.


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