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Heads Up: The SPY-Approved Wyklaus Bald Head Shaver Is $34 Right Now

The SPY team has quite a few bald guys on it, which means we’ve tested a lot of bald head shavers. The trouble is that bald head shavers are expensive niche products, meaning affordable alternatives can be hard to find. But one of our favorite picks, the Wyklaus Upgrade 10 in 1 Head Shaver, is discounted 58% to $33.98, down from the list price of $79.99. It’s a standout option because it’s considerably cheaper than our No. 1 favorite, the Pitbull Gold Pro, and it’s also impressive because it has seven heads instead of the standard four.

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What We Love About the Wyklaus Head Shaver

Editor Tyler Schoeber tested many bald head shavers and was impressed enough by the Wyklaus head shaver to make it the No. 2 pick on our list of the best bald head shavers. Given its low price, the shaver exceeded expectations. It provides an effortless, fast shave, attributed to its seven-head design that allows you to conquer more surface area. Plus, the seven heads cradle the scalp well, allowing you to move across the contours of your head with ease but without pain.

Beyond the seven-head design, the Wyklaus has other handy features. An LED display on the handle shows how much battery the shaver has left, making it easy to keep it topped off before any trips. But if you forget to plug it in, the unit can be recharged using a USB-C cable. That means you can plug it into your car’s charger, a power bank or even your laptop. The shaver can supply up to 90 minutes of shaving time, so you should be able to get through multiple shaves before topping off.

The shaver is IPX6 waterproof for easy wet or dry shaving. There are also a variety of additional accessories that come with the shaver to fulfill various everyday grooming tasks. We have noticed that this shaver is frequently discounted to around $30, but it’s still worth hopping on this deal if you want to take advantage of a SPY-tested bald head shaver at a shockingly affordable price. It’s a great grooming essential for bald men.