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She’s Got Falsies: The 5 Best Fake Eyelashes to Wear on NYE

* 5 ways to amp up your NYE look
* Ideas from natural-looking to dramatic 
* Glue-free options for easy wear

The last night of the year is a celebratory affair that calls for an equally celebratory look, so turn up the volume with a set of fun and dramatic eyelashes. The five seen here aren’t your typical falsies, either. For starters there’s no glue or gummy adhesive stripe to struggle with. Instead, there’s a magnetic strip that clips two layers of lashes onto your own and voilà! Instant, eye-opening glamour. There’s also an added bonus you might not notice immediately: Without any sticky glues, you’re free to dance the night away without sweating anything off.

1. Addie Dual Magnetic Resusable False Eyelashes

For those who like to keep things a bit more understated, Addie’s falsies are the brand to choose. The lashes here are still dense and fringey, but their length more natural. They also just cover the outer ⅔ of the lashline, for an eye-opening effect suitable for daylight hours.


2. Colovis Ultra Long Magnetic False Eyelashes

“Ultra-Long” is certainly the correct description here. These mile-long, dramatic lashes instantly give you an Old-Hollywood starlet look, and they’re easy to use, too. Each set of lashes is a dual layer, held together above and below your natural hairs with a strong magnet that won’t budge no make how much you shake it on NYE.


3. Venus Visage 3D Reusable False Magnetic Eyelashes

These magnetic false eyelashes are made of high level artificial fiber and completely handmade. The double magnet design won’t cause any irritation, and when you take them off, your natural lashes won’t be plucked out by sticky glue.


4. Vere Beauty Perfect Size Magnetic Eyelashes

These lashes are probably the lightest of the bunch – you’ll barely feel their weight on your eyes. They seamlessly blend in with your own lashes for a natural, but enhanced, result.


5. Faith Beauty Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Set

These reusable lashes are made from soft fiber that mimics the real deal with conviction. The absence of lash adhesive is also ideal if you’re prone to eye irritation from beauty products.


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