Careful Coifs: The 9 Best Hair Clips for Secure Styling

peacock hair clip
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* Get through anything without a hair out of place
* Options ranging from discreet to decorative
* Styling solutions for every hair type

Keeping your hair secured in a pretty ‘do doesn’t necessarily require hours of your time or a double-digit bobby pin count, at least not with these ingenious hair clips.

Options like an etched metal barrette or peacock feather clip will instantly elevate a simple pony, while cleverly engineered styling tools like a flexible banana clip can create high-mantainence looking up-dos like a French twist in a matter of minutes.

3 years
The Best Collection Hair Clips for Women thank You Julie Chen .

3 years
The Best Collection Hair Clips for Women thank You Julie Chen .

Here, we’ve scouted out nine of the best hair clips for secure styling, so you can spend less time on your hair and more time on your life.

1. Korean Beauty Flower Bow Jaw Clip Barrette

Two fabric rosettes cleverly disguise a simple and strong banana clip. It instantly adorns your hair for a result that looks like you’ve spent a good chunk of time being tended to by your hair guru.

[caption id="attachment_82487" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Korean Beauty Flower Bow Jaw Clip Barrette Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Syleia Set of 7 Velvet Scrunchies

The 90s are back, and that includes the ultimate hair accessory of that decade, the scrunchie. Updated for the 21st century, they’re made from luxe-looking velvet and streamlined to a smaller size – call it the scrunchie 2.0.

Velvet Hair ScrunchiesImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Simplicity Peacock Feather Hair Clip

For cocktail parties or black-tie blowouts, accent your hair with the exoctic glamour of a peacock hair clip, secured with a hidden alligator clip on the other side.

peacock feather hair clipImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Minalo Plastic Alligator Clips

These fun, colorful clips come with a unique double-hinged design. Two springs allow them to automatically adjust to any thickness of hair, keeping them firmly stationed wherever you clip them.

Minalo Plastic Alligator ClipsImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Prettyou Effortless Twist Hair Clips

A pretty ballerina bun will take about 10 seconds of your time with one of these twisty hair clips – just secure your hair under the twisted piece and insert the pin to lock in your style. Plus the minimal-chic design adds a bit of understated elegance to your look.

Prettyou Twist Hair ClipImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Geoot Skeleton Hair Clip

For Halloween and beyond, pick up a pair of these humorous skeleton hand hair clips. Hidden quick release springs will keep your hair anchored in place while adding a good dose of fun to your favorite hairstyle.

Geoot Skeleton Hand ClipsImage courtesy of Amazon


7. Motique Accessories Flexible Interlocking Banana Clip

A flexible u-shaped bottom and interlocking teeth will firmly hold updos in place. Try it for French twists or classic chignons.

Motique Accessories Flexible Interlocking Banana ClipImage courtesy of Amazon


8. Time Roaming Duck Bill Clip

Cut-out florals take these clips from utilitarian to decorative. They pair well with other hair accessories, like floral crowns, but also hold their own for simple, everyday style.

Time Roaming Duck Bill ClipsImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Art Nouveau Swirl Hair Clip

There’s no hairstyle faster or easier than a ponytail. A ponytail clipped in a swirling, etched metal Art Nouveau barrette is quite possibly the quickest polished hair hack we’ve seen.

Art Nouveau Swirl Hair ClipImage courtesy of Amazon

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