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These Aloe-Infused Skin Care Products Help Heal Scars & Calm Inflammation

* These aloe-infused skin treatments can help with inflammation and scar healing
* Other benefits are skin hydration and fighting the signs of aging
* Treatment options include soothing gels, facial sprays and creams

There are some things in this world that seem like they are built only for good and can do no harm. Aloe vera falls into this category (aside from in its prickly plant form). It should come as little surprise that this helpful plant has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. And it’s good for more than those summer days when you’ve forgotten to reapply your SPF.

Aloe-infused skin care products have recently returned to the spotlight. Several skin care giants are including the plant extract in their hydrating lines. Modern treatment benefits also include treating skin inflammation and healing scars as well as fighting the signs of aging, combating acne and gently moisturizing skin.

Below you’ll find 5 aloe-infused skin care options that are formulated to heal body scars and calm skin inflammation.

1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

There is a plethora of ways to use this

in your skin care regime. Simply apply the Korean beauty product to your skin as a moisturizing cream or as a cooling face pack. It’s also great for use as a soothing aftershave gel or as a skin hydrating gel after a day in the sun. The aloe vera gel itself contains 92% aloe leaf extract, giving it a distinctive yet pleasant smell. No matter where you choose to apply it, this product will leave your skin feeling soothed and refreshed.

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2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe


is a simple way to give yourself a refreshing boost. The hydrating mist is formulated with aloe, herbal extracts and rosewater for a pleasant treatment that’s safe for all skin types. The spray is especially useful in dry environments to alleviate dry, tight and uncomfortable skin and give it a healthier and more radiant appearance.

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3. Garnier SkinActive Hydrating Face Moisturizer

This Garnier SkinActive Hydrating Face Moisturizer boasts a vegan formula which is also free from mineral oil, parabens, dyes and silicones. The 96% naturally-derived formula contains aloe juice, which works to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Plus, the moisturizer is ideal for use any time, whether it’s day, night or simply as a hydrating treatment throughout the day.

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4. Youth to the People Superfood Eye Cream

Add some kale and sunflower to your aloe and you have yourself a powerful cream for dealing with fine lines around your eyes. By combining the powers of superfoods and science, this Youth to the People cream is able to give your skin exactly what it needs to look great by delivering vital nutrients. In addition, the cream has a 100% vegan formula and is free from parabens, phthalates and animal testing. It’s also packaged in recyclable materials.

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5. First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum

If your skin is inflamed and visibly red, applying this First Aid Beauty Serum is sure to help. Not only will it relieve the obvious signs of inflammation, it can also be used to prevent the future onset of any flare ups, too. This serum has been allergy tested and is great for all skin types, including those which are particularly sensitive. Inside the serum, you’ll find a significant dose of caffeine, which works as a vasoconstrictor to get rid of any visible and unwanted redness on the skin’s surface.

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