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Upgrade Your Shower Gel For a Masculine Fragrance

* Renowned skin-care brand makes bold entrance into men’s products with “Amen”
* Spicy citrus fragrance will leave you clean and confidant
* Moisturizes and conditions skin without leaving residue

Philosophy, an award-winning skincare company that found fame on Oprah in the 90s, is finally throwing its hat in the quickly expanding men’s skincare game with “Amen.”

A play on Philosophy’s “spiritual” branding and its new line of men’s product, “Amen’s” shower gel is a definitive standout. With a fresh take on scented men’s products, this offers a unique and masculine fragrance in a hydrating 2-in-1 shower gel.

Amen was created as the men’s counterpart to the women’s products from Philosophy. Philosophy started with the goal of bridging the gap between dermatologist’s offices and retail products to offer the most advanced skincare products available.

The shower gel offers the hydration and versatility of a traditional men’s shower gel, and elevates it by adding a fresh, spicy citrus fragrance. This means you can skip the cologne and still wear a fresh scent all day. It’s a product engineered by women, for men, making it a solid bet, both in and out of the shower.

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