Freeze Time With Talika’s Anti-Aging Neck Mask

Anti-aging neck mask Talika
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* Targeted anti-aging for skin around the neck
* Uses bio-cellulose to repair fine lines and hyper-pigmentation to neck
* Highly concentrated nutrients to nourish the skin

As a long-time innovator in the science of skin care, Talika has created some of beauty’s most effective and coveted products over the years, like its best-selling Lipocils eye lash serum and full line of anti-aging treatments. And no detail is left untouched – while most brands carry the standard face and eye creams, Talika exceeds your average anti-aging expectations, with products formulated to target specific body parts that are often neglected in our anti-aging skin care routines, like the neck and hands.

If you’re thinking an anti-aging neck mask is a little specific, after using this highly effective treatment, you may just change your tune. Neck skin, while delicate like facial skin, has its own needs and can be especially prone to droopy skin and fine lines. Talika’s Bio Enzyme Neck Mask uses bio cellulose that’s traditionally been used in surgery to facilitate the healing process. A natural nanofiber created through biotech processes and completely biocompatible with the skin, they found out it had surprising cosmetic properties.

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