Optimize Your Beauty Sleep With a Furlesse Anti-Aging Skin Patch

Anti-Aging Skin Patch
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* A noninvasive solution to erasing furrow lines
* Hypoallergenic and latex-free, great for sensitive skin
* Fits comfortably between the eyes

With all the demands life throws at us, it’s hard enough to find a few minutes of downtime, nevermind a block of time devoted to a dermatologist’s appointment. Here’s one beauty brand’s anti-aging solution, that’s so simple and time-efficient, it can be applied while you snooze.

From the company Furlesse comes Elevens, a straight-forward system of patches that smooth the skin by holding it in place, preventing creasing and eliminating unwanted sleep lines. Wear this fan-shaped self-adhesive patch while sleeping. If you’re not the self-conscious type, there’s no rule saying you can’t wear the patch any time you please.

Furlesse Anti Aging Patch Image courtesy of Amazon

It’s transparent, hypoallergenic and latex-free, so even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this product. It fits comfortably between the eyes, and by holding skin taught, you’ll wake up to firmer-looking results. For those who chose not to use injectables, the Furlesse anti-aging skin patch is an effective chemical-free alternative, though they can be used to compliment an already existing filler routine as well.

So the next time you don’t have time, reach for one of these. It takes less than a minute to apply a patch, and the work can be done while you sleep — making this an anti-aging no-brainer you definitely have time for.

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