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“It’s Like An Energy Drink For Your Eyes:” Grace & Stella’s Anti-Aging Under-Eye Mask

* Single-use eye masks
* Eliminate the look of dark under-eye circles and fine lines
* Packed with collagen and nourishing minerals

No amount of makeup can solve the look of puffy, tired eyes, so address the issue head-on with the soothing power of an eye mask. From indie skincare line, Grace + Stella, discover what they’re calling “an energy drink for your eyes” — their best-selling, super-effective de-puffing anti-aging eye masks.

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Boxed in a set of twelve, these single-use mini-sheet masks were created specifically to target delicate, under-eye skin. An area that has a tendency to swell with stress, fatigue or even that extra glass of rosé, these nutrient-infused patches swiftly reduce dark circles, fine lines and puffy bags. Formulated with 100% collagen and nourishing minerals, the essence contained in each packet speeds up cell collagen rejuvenation, increasing the elasticity for a firmer, fresher, more youthful look that increases with continued use. The nourishing serum can even help to reverse signs of skin irritated by excess eye makeup use and improper makeup removal.

So before trying to play concealer-Houdini with dark circles and under-eye bloat, take a step back and give those peepers a little bit of TLC.

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