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Prone To Sweating? This $13 Gel Is Like Antiperspirant For Your Face

* This $13 antiperspirant is designed to prevent excess facial sweating
* The lightweight gel leaves no residue and can be used under makeup
* It’s ideal for people who work in warm climates, who sweat a lot and athletes

You know the feeling. When you’re out in the sun, sunscreen on and those annoying little beads of sweat begin working their way down your face. That’s when face sweat is at the peak of annoying, but that’s not the only occasion it bothers you. During high-energy activities, in excessively warm environments or perhaps even during a high pressure conversation with someone special, face sweat can strike when it’s least wanted. Whatever the cause, this type of perspiration can be embarrassing and inconvenient. For these reasons, Neat Feat 3B invented with their

, an antiperspirant designed to solve your face sweating dilemmas.

This handy antiperspirant gel is lightweight and made to last several hours after a single application. The active ingredient inside, aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine, works to prevent facial sweat without leaving behind an unnatural shine, residue or stickiness. Because of this, the gel is ideal for use under other skin products like makeup and sunscreen. It even helps those skin care products stay on longer, because your face isn’t sweating excessively.

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The antiperspirant can be applied to the upper lip, forehead and the back of your neck to help prevent beads of sweat from creating embarrassing distractions. As a result, you’ll notice a decrease in the amount of sweat visible on the face. However, this gel is not advised for use on the scalp as it will not diminish the sweat produced there.  

The Neat Feat gel is great for anyone who works in a warm climate, exerts themselves physically on a regular basis or simply perspires more than the average person. It comes in a handy squeeze tube, which means it’s easy to keep on your person or in a gym bag.

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Whether you’re heading out on a first date, out for a night with friends or about to face an afternoon of intense exercise, make sure you’re not distracted or embarrassed by your facial sweat by investing in this face sweat-fighting gel.


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