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Ever Wonder How to Apply Cologne Correctly?

Guess who puts on too much cologne? Little boys who just got their first bottle of cologne. As a grown man, the last thing you want is to walk into a room and have everyone be able to smell you. It doesn’t matter if it’s from sweat and body odor or if it’s from too much cologne. That type of attention it not what you want. Learning how to apply cologne correctly is just as much a part of becoming a man as anything else.

There are many different techniques to applying cologne, but only a few correct ways. We’ve done our research and gotten down to the science of it all. Make sure you heed our advice before going on your next date. It might just save you.

How Much Do I Spray?

This is the most important question to answer when applying cologne. Too much or too little could send your date running for the hills. One spray from about six inches away will usually do the trick. You only want people to smell it when they are right next to you, not halfway across the room so over use it. Plus, having too much cologne is at all tale sign of a try hard. If you’re going on a date and ignorantly decide to douse yourself in cologne because you want the smell to last all night, then you’ve already given yourself away. She is going to immediately realize you’re doing too much to impress her. Let her smell you when you get close and go in for that kiss instead.


Where Do I Spray it?

So where do you apply this one generous squirt? The best place to apply cologne is directly to the skin. Too often cologne is something that we wait to put on until we are already dressed for the night. Stop thinking of cologne as a finishing touch. Start storing it in your bathroom next to your toothbrush or deodorant. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I apply one spray of cologne to the inside of one wrist, then I rub my wrists together and finally rub each of my wrists on my neck. The wrists and neck are natural pulse points, which just means they have veins close to the surface of the skin and therefore heat up more than other areas of your body. The heat makes the cologne smell stronger and radiate for a longer period. When you apply it to the front of your shirt, the smell is likely to fade after an hour or so. Also: some colognes don’t mix well with pricey fabrics, so that little spritz on your sweater could mean a hefty dry cleaning bill.

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When Do I Need it?

Let’s face it, cologne can be pretty expensive. So don’t try to go around making every occasion a “cologne occasion.” Conserve it. There are only certain times when its appropriate to wear cologne anyway. You don’t need cologne at the gym or other outdoor activities. You’re not trying to impress anyone on a hike or when you play a pick up game of basketball. Also you want to avoid wearing cologne when you anticipate being in a tight space with a bunch of people. So don’t bother using cologne for a music festival or even a plane ride. The only occasions I use cologne for is when I’m trying to show out and look my best. This includes special occasions like weddings or dates and social events like going out with friends over the weekend. Sometimes it’s acceptable to wear at work, like when you have an important meeting, but it has to be very subtle. You can really stretch a bottle of cologne out when you conserve this way.


What Kind?

Obviously it’s totally up to you when it comes to what you want to smell like. But oddly enough, this is something we rarely take the reigns on ourselves. I bet the cologne you use most right now was a gift from someone. Most guys just use what someone gifted to them. I think that’s pretty twisted. We should decide what we smell like. So make the executive decision for your next Eau De Toilette.

Bleu De Chanel is a stone-cold classic. It’s subtle and sexy and has been called “profoundly sensual” by Sephora. The blend of citrus and wood is light enough to wear at work and it’s a great scent to make an impression with.

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Another cologne that has done very well is Sauvage by Christian Dior. It came out in 2015 and you had to have seen their campaign with Johnny Depp. It was EVERYWHERE. A very crisp and tasteful scent will make you a popular guy at those special occasions. Just remember: a little goes a long way.

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