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Lived-In Review: The Aquis Hair Towel

* Microfiber towel designed to prevent damage from water
* Cuts drying time by up to 50%
* Preps hair for styling, reducing frizz and restoring shine

A towel designed specifically for the purpose of only drying your hair may sound somewhat gimmicky, and like a huge waste of money considering you probably already have several other bath towels on deck that can be used dry your body and hair. According to Aquis though, how your dry your hair is pretty important when it comes to keeping it healthy and looking its best. Their towels and turbans are made with their proprietary Aquitex technology, which the brand claims helps reduce frizz, cuts drying time by 50%, and helps hair color stay vibrant longer.

Admittedly, I am super lazy when it comes to my hair. While I have no problem spending hours in the salon to keep my naturally brunette locks an icy blonde hue, when it comes to styling and maintaining it, I’m pretty “low maintenance.” In fact, I’ve even been known to fall asleep with completely wet hair on occasion only to wake up with kinks, pillow indents, and a whole lot of frizz come the morning. I’m not a morning person, and my time management skills are less than perfect, so I’ll readily try anything that promises to save me time when I get ready.

When I came across this specialty beauty towel, I was hesitant but intrigued nonetheless. Aquis’s  towels and turbans are designed to absorb the maximum amount of water from your hair after you wash it, which accounts for the slew of hair benefits it has to offer.

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You may wonder why water is so bad for your hair in the first place. Well, the experts at Aquis liken the effect of water on hair to the way your nails look and feel after a bath or shower – weak and soft. Like your nails, your hair also contains keratin, a fibrous protein that allows water to penetrate your hair cuticles. Unfortunately, the excess water becomes absorbed by the core of your hair strands, causing the cuticles to swell and let in even more water. This excess water leads to both cuticle and hair breakage, which means a lot of frizz, split ends, and dryness.

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To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be floored by this product – it is a towel after all. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on writing about it, but it completely outdid my expectations with its performance. While it won’t perform miracles on damaged hair or give you an instant blowout, it dried my hair in about half the time it would normally take to air dry with a regular towel. Better than that, when I brushed my damp hair afterward, there was noticeably less tangles than normal, and my hair even looked a little shinier. For reference, I have fine hair (though a lot of it) with a ton of breakage and dryness due to years of abusing bleach.

I love to use this towel right after I get out of the shower while getting ready. I wrap it around my head in a turban-like fashion, and as it dries my hair, I’ll get dressed, put on my makeup, make coffee, etc. After 20 minutes, my hair is the optimum amount of dampness for styling and a quick blow out. I only have to blow dry for about 5-10 minutes to get it completely dry (this usually takes up to a half an hour without the Aquis towel). If you’re the time of person who prefers their hair routine to be as minimalist as possible, has any kind of breakage or thinning hair, this towel is worth the investment.