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Say Goodbye to Grueling Spa Treatments

* Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel
* Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid
* Pack of 16 texturized towelettes

The Rapid Resurfacing Peel by Murad is a game changer. Instead of grueling treatments at the dermatologist’s office or enduring expensive and invasive peels at the spa, you can now achieve smoother skin from the comfort of your own home. These textured towelettes work wonders to reveal youthful, radiant skin at your very own fingertips.

Dr. Murad is famous for revolutionizing anti-aging skincare and developing breakthrough technologies with Glycolic Acid in the late 80s. He remains a leading expert in renowned Glycolic Acid treatments and continues to prove that the ingredient is a gold standard for exfoliation. Many of these treatments have progressed into at-home peels that save time, money and keep you on top of your skincare routine.

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The Rapid Resurfacing Peel has been proven to detoxify the skin and reverse the signs of aging. This extra strength peel has a powerful blend of Vitamin C and 10% Glycolic Acid to instantly retexturize, enhance and even your skin tone. The textured towelettes gently exfoliate and smooth, removing dead skin and surface cells that have been exposed to pollutants. The shape and texture allows targeted application and easy disposal.

The peel works for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and is specifically formulated to give you all of the benefits of a professional peel without the irritation. We love using the peel at night to wake up to a super smooth surface and a boost of brightness. The Rapid Resurfacing Peels come in a pack of 16, but expect to see results after the very first application.

Based on a Murad sponsored study, 87% of people saw improved skin appearance and texture, with refreshed and smoother skin in just one night.

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