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This Ingenious Device Has Your Back It Comes to Manscaping

* Extendable, ergonomic grip
* Power burst mode
* Flexible heads for a close, smooth shave

It took long enough, but someone finally thought to combine the back scratcher with the electric shaver and create a self-care product that offers a sophisticated solution to a hairy problem. The Man Groomer Back Shaver is a nifty way to prepare and attend to any grooming and manscaping that may have been neglected.

A boon for those aspiring to all-over smoothness, this back shaver makes it easier than ever to get a close, comfortable shave in hard-to-reach places. It features an adjustable arm for multiple angles and uniquely-designed, shock absorber heads to keep the blades aligned for a smooth, irritation-free, close shave.

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The handle is also extendable for an extreme reach, allowing the back shaver to achieve a very comfortable range of motion. The flexible necks, designed to reach around the curves of back muscles, are pre-loaded with tension to keep the blades at an optimal angle. An included bi-directional foil helps achieve a closer shave and is perfect for areas where the hair is already shorter or more sparse.

High-quality blades and a power burst mode help get through the toughest man-tangles and help you go from Sasquatch to smooth in record time. The result of a decade’s worth of research and development, the Man Groomer is a manscaping tool that definitely prompts plenty of “why didn’t I think of that?” questions, and makes a great and fun gift too.

Is your best friend a groom-to-be this season? Present him with the Man Groomer and when he opens it, wait for the perfect moment to say, “Dude, I got your back.”

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