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Accommodating Accessories: 5 Ways To Hide Your Awful Haircut

* A bad haircut doesn’t have to equal a bad mood
* Unexpectedly short or bad cuts are a great time to try something different with your do
* Curls, headbands, extensions or an updo can help hide hair you don’t like

The worst thing about getting a haircut is that once it’s done, it isn’t coming back for a while. This means that the process is high-pressured for both you and the stylist. If things didn’t turn out exactly as planned, despair often creeps in. You might want to wear a hat constantly or do your best to avoid the outside world for the time being.

Forget despair, and instead, check out these simple ways to manage your haircut nightmare. From going the whole hog and trying something new with your hair, to putting in some extensions and wearing a distracting (but flattering!) headband, there are ways to manage for everyone. And, you can always be safe in the knowledge that it’s only a matter of time before your grows back anyway.

1. Use Bobby Pins To Hide Unwanted Bangs

The right cut and style, especially when we’re talking about bangs, can make or break your haircut. Whether they’re cut too short or styled the wrong way, a misfitting set of bangs is something you’re going to see every time you look in the mirror. If this type of bad haircut happens to you, simply pin your bangs up and out of the way until your next visit to the hairdresser or until they grow out. These Goody Bobby Pins are high-quality and come in a range of colors to match your hair color. They’re a great option for keeping your hair up all day without worry that it will fall down.

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2. Wear A Thick Headband

If you are looking to move attention away from your hair, try one of the stylish Elacucos Boho Headbands. These soft and stretchy headbands are ideal for taking center stage on your head and drawing attention away from any crazy cut you may have experienced recently. They also come in a variety of designs, including plain or bohemian styles to allow you to choose between a headband that blends in or one that stands out.  


3. Try a New Updo

As long as your hairdresser didn’t go too crazy and cut all of your hair off, you should still have enough length to try a new updo. Wearing hair up never goes out of fashion, and a different look allows you to express some creativity while hiding your new haircut. Why not try this Mudder Donut Bun Maker? The set includes all the items you’ll need to give your hair a new updo look, including various donut bun makers, elastic bands and bobby pins.   


4. Add Extensions

If you simply cannot face a day without your lost length, applying extensions offers a temporary fix until it grows out again. These Sexybaby clip-in extensions are made from pure human hair to provide an almost identical look to your natural locks. After clipping them into your real hair, you can choose to dye, curl, straighten and even cut them into the style that went missing during your last visit to the hairdresser. The extensions are created from a double weft of hair to give you a more natural look than most standard hair extensions.


5. Experiment With New Hairstyles

Most importantly, when you get a bad haircut, don’t look at it as a disaster. Instead, see it as an opportunity to try something a little different with your hair. If you normally wear your hair without any kind of styling, this is a great time to break out the curling iron. The VAV Automatic Curling Wand is super easy to use and can add curls or waves to your hair in minutes. It gives you the choice of left or right facing curls and ensures your curls are made less frizz. This way of styling hair is also ideal for covering up uneven layers.

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