Stay Fresh: Hot Weather Is No Match for These 10 Ball Deodorants

Ballsy Ball Deodorant
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When it comes to smelling fresh and staying comfortable throughout the day, there are plenty of ads for underarm deodorant and glamorous, celeb-backed campaigns for cologne. One grooming product that doesn’t get as much attention is ball deodorant, which, as the name suggests, is designed as a solution for more sensitive areas of the male physique.

It’s still a niche product, in part because there are some sensitive areas that don’t get as much airtime on TV or column inches on a fashion magazine because it’s seen as a delicate subject. But whether the problem is an athletic lifestyle, hot weather or thick thighs, it’s perfectly common for men to experience chafing, discomfort and, most unpleasantly, odor, in their nether regions.

And for men who wear skinny jeans, sweating and discomfort can be a real problem, especially if you’re hoping to spend quality time with your partner when the jeans come off. Your partner shouldn’t have to worry about unpleasant smells or sweating when they’re trying to make you happy.

Thankfully, the options for keeping fresh down there have expanded far beyond talc-based powder, which can often be messy and potentially over-drying. Just like the underarm variety, the best ball deodorants come in a few different forms, ranging from lotion-based products to powders to sprays. Ball deodorant for men will help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day — no matter how skinny your jeans are.

So if you want to reduce chafing and discomfort as well as keep unwanted odors at bay, then these are the best ball deodorants to get.


1. Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men


While there are plenty of intimate soaps and ball deodorants that have crude or try-hard branding, the naming of Chassis, which refers to the undercarriage of a car, is a little more subtle. This talc-free powder is designed to fight chafing and odors by using a variety of natural ingredients that have sweat-blocking and skin-repairing qualities, and it has a pleasant scent that isn’t overwhelming.

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2. Meridian Grooming Spray


This grooming product from Meridian comes in a stylishly-designed spray pump bottle, and the end result is a product that will look tasteful on any vanity tray or bathroom shelf. Meridian sent SPY its ball deodorant for testing, and initially, we were very skeptical. However, this grooming spray performed as advertised, keeping everything fresh even in hot weather. The convenient spray design also makes it easy to use. It’s formulated with a variety of natural ingredients like witch hazel and green tea that help keep sensitive skin fresh. The subtle citrus-infused scent will also keep you smelling fresh. Finally, the formula is also pH-balanced, so it won’t inadvertently irritate your skin.

Meridian Grooming Spray Courtesy of Meridian

3. Anthony No Sweat Body Defense


The stylish and subtle branding of Anthony’s No Sweat Body Defense makes it a great grown-up option, and the unique talc-free formula uses tapioca starch, which quickly dries from a lotion to a powder. This makes it easy to apply without leaving any sticky residue. It’s free of parabens and phthalates. Aloe vera, macadamia and olive oil extract provide moisturizing relief.

Anthony No Sweat Body Defense Courtesy of Amazon


5. Fresh Balls Lotion


The aptly named Fresh Balls is a lotion, which is easier to apply than a powder or spray, allowing you to more precisely control the amount you need. It’s free of talc, aluminum and parabens, and it’s designed to block chafing, irritation and wetness while providing a light and pleasant scent.

Fresh Balls Lotion Courtesy of Amazon

5. Super Fresh Man Parts Ball & Crotch Deodorant


You don’t want itchy nuts, do you? Of course not. Super Fresh is here to solve that problem with a soothing liquid ball deodorizer that turns into a powder upon application. It helps fight jock itch, stickiness, odors and other issues you might find yourself placed within your nether region.

Super Fresh Man Parts Ball & Crotch Deodorant Courtesy of Amazon


6. DUDE Body Powder


If you’re looking for a cooling boost, Dude Body Powder has menthol, providing a fresh feeling. The formula features other natural ingredients like aloe and peppermint extracts to take care of sensitive skin. The powder is cornstarch-based, making it a good option for those looking to avoid talc-based products.

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7. Nutt Butter Mens Lotion


Rather than a squeeze bottle, Tame the Beast’s Nutt Butter comes in a jar similar to pomade or shoe polish, eliminating the risk of getting too much and reducing the wastefulness that comes from squeeze bottles. It uses eucalyptus to provide a pleasant tingle, and it uses natural essential oils to care for sensitive skin.

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8. Manscaped Men’s Body Toner Spray


This option from Manscaped comes in the form of a spray, and a light spritzing is all you need to stay fresh downstairs. It’s a toner that’s designed to hydrate and keep skin feeling soft while adding a fresh fragrance boost.

Manscaped Men's Body Toner Spray Courtesy of Amazon

9. Ballsy Ball Deodorant


Time to get ballsy with Ballsy. This ball deodorant is great for all of you extra sweaty guys downstairs. Like a lot of these deodorants, it starts off as a liquid and then transforms into a powder for a comfortable, all-day feel. Just leave it on for around 30 seconds before pulling your drawers back up and you should be sweat-free all day.

Ballsy Ball Deodorant Courtesy of Amazon


10. Gold Bond No Mess Spray Powder


Gold Bond is a classic brand for deodorizing, and this option turns the traditional powder into a spray, making for easier and less messy applications. The smartly designed 360-degree valve allows the canister to dispense upside down as well. It’s designed to provide a cooling sensation and well as keep sensitive areas dry and itch-free. Gold Bond also makes some of the best foot sprays to get rid of stinky feet, and their ball deodorant for men is a great no-frills option.

Gold Bond No Mess Spray Powder Courtesy of Amazon