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The Handy Shower Tool Means Clean, Itch-Free Skin is Always Just One Scrub Away

We’ve been big fans of Ballsy for a long time now for being unapologetic defenders of the inalienable right for men to have clean nether regions. And their marketing of all things that keep our nuts and butts funk-free is amusingly, um, cheeky.

The latest in their line of manly maintenance wares is the Handy Shower Tool, which will make a fine addition to your shower and — once travel resumes — your Dopp kit and gym bag.

The Handy is basically a loofah with benefits. Softer, but still scrubby enough to be a great exfoliating tool. It foams up any soap you use, including Ballsy’s signature Ballwash. And the built-in handle ensures that you can scrub away to your heart’s content without the soap slipping out of your hands.

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The Handy is also smaller than most loofahs and loofah alternatives, which takes up less room in the shower and whatever to-go kit you pack it in.

Few things feel better than a good hard scrub in the bath or shower. Freeing yourself of all of those flakes and dead skin cells leaves you feeling itch-free and invigorated. Maybe not every day — your epidermis does come in handy, after all — but adding the occasional scrub down to your grooming routine is a worthy endeavor.

Unfortunately, the Handy is sold out at the moment. There’s a link on the page that lets you sign up for an email when it’s back in supply. But in the meantime, the Ballsy site is well worth a browse, for the products and for the sheer amusement of an entire line of hygienic supplies with names that could have come out of an Austin Powers movie. Handy, Goodhead, Nut Rub, Sackpack, Quickys.

Yes, they’re seriously nutty names, but the products are great, and the Handy is worth waiting for. When things go back to normal and your skin is back in the game, make sure that it looks and feels its best.


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