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This Hairspray Gives You Beachy Waves Without Ever Seeing the Shore

* Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray from Oribe
* Provides beachy texture while protecting and nourishing the hair
* Best Haircare Product of 2012 at ICMD City Awards

Get beachy bombshell hair in an instant with the highly-coveted Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray from Oribe. This spray creates tousled, touchable waves with sun-kissed shine and healthy bounce.

Oribe, the famous haircare line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, is specifically tailored to deliver glamour and amazing results. This product has already won the Best of Beauty Award and Best Wave Enhancer from Allure, as well as the Best Haircare Product of 2012 at the ICMAD City Awards.

The Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray is packed with some seriously impressive ingredients and promises. The Oribe Signature Complex–which is made of watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts–protects hair from UV rays, oxidative stress and the deterioration of natural keratin.

The Beach Wave Complex swells the hair shaft and creates wavy texture with a lovely, light hold. A blend of rich moisturizers, plant extracts and oils offer silky texture and antioxidant protection.

This spray creates texturized, beach-inspired waves and volume that’s sexy day or night. It also adds moisture and shine for a finished effect that looks great and feels gorgeous. It dries super lightweight and soft without the salty stiffness that you get from most wave sprays. Did we mention it also smells fabulously fresh and amazing?

To use, simply shake the bottle, spray it on the hair, tousle to your liking and let it air dry. The spray works on wet or dry hair, creating that breezy look no matter what your hair type or texture. It can be used daily to protect from the drying, damaging, and color-depleting effects of everyday life and gives your hair that boost it needs to stay healthy.

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