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Create Flawless Beachy Waves With This Secret Texturizing Spray

* Texturizes and moisturizes hair for even waves
* Made from organic essential oils to nourish your hair
* Gluten-free and all-natural 

Regardless of the season, effortless beach waves are always in style. In order to create this breezy look, the best products are needed to ensure that your hairstyle will be absolutely flawless. Use this Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hairspray in order to help achieve that sun-kissed, gorgeous look.

Captain Blankenship is known for using a sea salt-infused formula that adds a natural texture to your hair strands. Due to this special ingredient, your hair becomes effortlessly scrunched and styled to those beach waves you’re aiming for.

While most hair sprays leave your strands crunchy and unmanageable, this spray made from organic ingredients will only enhance your hair so that it stays healthy and glowing. The organic sea kelp extract nourishes your scalp in order to prevent dryness, while the Atlantic sea salt adds a raw texture to your hair. This allows for a lightweight hold that can help you embody that summer-inspired ‘do.

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This easy-to-use spray is best used on dry or damp hair from roots to ends. You can then use your fingers to help scrunch your hair to your desired waves in order to achieve that beachy look. Also recommended for use on hair overnight with loosely braided hair, this spray can help minimize your styling time for a truly, effortless look. When aiming for an undone look, this sea salt mermaid spray is the perfect product to add to your styling routine.