Shadow Shaper: Conair i-Stubble Eliminates Grooming Trouble

stubble grooming conair
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Designed to give you precision and control
* 15 length adjustment settings
* Rechargeable

Maybe you’re not a full beard guy, but if you still like the look of sporting a little bit of well-groomed facial hair, you’ll understand the appeal of the Conair for Men I-Stubble . It’s the easiest way to get get that perfect facial stubble that looks unfussy but groomed.

Whether you’re looking for a full 5 o’clock shadow or different variations of facial stubble, the i-Stubble gives you the control you need to sculpt and shape the style you want. It features a unique floating contouring head, which tracks the curves of your face for extra comfort and precision. It’s also designed with electro-chemically formed blades that are extremely sharp and durable.

You can easily adjust to whatever closeness you want thanks to the i-Stubble’s electronic length control design. It lets you adjust from .4mm to 5mm for a total of 15 settings, all of which you can read clearly on the LCD display.

Even better, you don’t have to continually replace batteries, because the i-Stubble is rechargeable. A full charge provides 45-minutes of trim time,  you’ll never have to worry about it going dead mid-trim.