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BECCA Teams up With Chrissy Teigen to Launch New Glow Palette

* The highly-anticipated collaboration finally launches
* Teigen was inspired by her own makeup artist when co-designing the shades
* The palette features four shades

Cult cosmetic brand BECCA has teamed up with model, mom and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen to unveil a limited-edition, collaboration palette featuring the two items the brand does best — highlighters and blushes.

The BECCA x Chrissy Face Glow Palette includes four powders — one bronzer (Malibu Soleil), two highlighters (Rose Gold and Beach Nectar), and one rosy blush (Hibiscus Bloom) — all handpicked by Teigen herself.

BECCA’s infamous “Skin Perfecting Highlight” in Opal is a “ride or die” staple for almost every beauty guru, and you’re sure to find the opalescent powder illuminator in every makeup artist’s kit. This four-shade set is no different than the original highlighter — each powder has a silky, non-chalky formula that blends beautifully on the skin, yielding the same natural glow that has become part of the model’s signature look.

Teigan’s inspiration behind the palette came from the colors used by her own makeup artist for red carpet appearances. In addition to trying to avoid overly-sparkly powders, she also wanted to offer universally flattering shades to suit a range of different skin tones. “For me, it was really to use colors that would resonate with all sorts of [skin] shades,” she told WWD.

Another bonus of the palette is its multi-functional uses. Teigen became a first-time mother with husband John Legend last year, and she admits this prompted her to change her beauty routine. The social media darling admitted to getting twice-weekly spray tans before motherhood. While she no longer has the time for such maintenance, her Face Glow palette allows her — and other busy beauty lovers — to achieve a bronze glow that doesn’t require sitting in the sun or a trip to the salon.

“There is a way to use every single aspect. I’ve had makeup artists tell me the bronzer is wonderful on eyes. You hear people using it for different things. It’s just like cooking, I swear to God. I don’t want people to think there are set rules for everything,” she said of the palette.

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