Apparently, Beer-Infused Products Are The Next Big Thing in Grooming & We’re Here For it

Beer soap
beer soap

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* Beer: now a literal balm
* Soaps, deodorants and more made with the goodness of beer
* Ingredients help to refresh, nourish and hydrate

Who would have thought? Soaking your face and hair in beer may be a counter-intuitive grooming strategy, given that it sounds so much like the opposite of grooming, but it seems that with a few refinements, the ingredients in craft beer make for excellent skin care, hair care and overall grooming products. Here are some of our top picks for what’s brewing in the world of beer-infused grooming.

1. Fromonda Citrus IPA Powder

Refresh and deodorize with this cooling citrus IPA powder. Unlike bottled IPA, this talc-free powder is designed to keep you dry. It’s vegan friendly and the scent is subtle and cool.

Citrus IPA powder Courtesy Amazon


2. Beer Soap

It may sound like one of Homer Simpson’s wild “inventions,” but this beer soap– made with real beer, is actually a refreshing and skin-nourishing way to get clean.

Beer Soap Courtesy Amazon

3. Beard Detangling Bar

This bear detangling bar by Professor Fuzzworthy’s is, as the old-timey engraving on the packaging implies, a serious beard care item for those whose beards are of the Walt Whitman variety.

Beard Detangler Courtesy Amazon

4. Beard Oil

Handmade in Los Angeles, this Craftsman beard oil has a light, hops flower scent. Massage a few drops into your beard and face to help moisturize and soften your stray hairs. This oil is blended with a hint of grapefruit and black pepper, just like the scent of a hoppy IPA.

Craftsman Beard Oil Courtesy Amazon

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