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First Look: Before Toothpaste Is a New DTC Brand With an Alternative To Drugstore Toothpaste

Something we all (should) have common is brushing our teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. While it’s a universal recommendation from all dentists — in order to maintain good oral health — it’s also an important hygiene routine that happens ahead of everything else we do. Hence the name behind one of the newest DTC lifestyle brands, Before.

This week, the brand launched its introductory product range of Purifying Toothpastes. Co-founded by three entrepreneurs with a shared passion for self-care, Before’s first offering features three types of toothpaste — Classic, Sensitive, and Whitening. (SPY was sent samples of Before’s new toothpaste, and we’ll be publishing a full review soon.)

SPY has reviewed a lot of new DTC grooming and hygiene brands in recent years, many of which have become SPY favorites. In the skincare space, Disco and Geologie have offered guys new options for skincare. In the fragrance space, brands like Hawthorne and Boysmells have offered innovative products. We’ve even seen brands like this in the oral care space, with Bite offering eco-friendly toothpaste alternatives.

So what sets Before toothpaste apart from the drug store toothpaste you’ve been using your whole life?

Courtesy of Before

To some extent, toothpaste may seem like a mundane purchase; however, Jamie Collins, Co-Founder and CMO of Before, identified four reasons consumers should consider upgrading to Before toothpaste.

“From a granular level of cleaner ingredients, incredible taste through to user experience, environmentally conscious packaging materials and visual aesthetics, we put every element of toothpaste under a microscope and reinvented how it should feel to brush your teeth,” he told our SPY team.

In efforts to take care of the planet, each tube of Before toothpaste is produced from renewable plant-based sugarcane, making them 100% recyclable. In addition, each of Before’s Purifying Toothpastes omit harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and fake flavoring. Instead, the products combine dentist-approved clean alternatives like coconut oil, mint oil and aloe extract, which help combat cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

As for taste, Before told SPY that it uses a custom, SuperMint formula that’s ultra-fresh, long-lasting and promotes optimal mouth health. Finally, the company says that 1% of all Before proceeds will support a host of social and climate causes under the BeforeCares Foundation.

Before Purifying Toothpastes retail online at for $10 & $12 via a subscription-based model.