Beat the Bumps: The 11 Best Products for Adult Acne

adult acne treatments
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* Focus on both prevention and treatment with these products
* Many are designed for sensitive, easily irritated skin
* Find the best products for each stage of treatment

Adult acne can be irritating, but it’s unfortunately a part of life. Fortunately, SPY has sourced a list of essential products that work to both prevent and treat acne. Step by step, this list includes washes, face masks, exfoliating brushes and medicated concealer, to ensure you’re covered at all stages.


Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement

Before you even wash your face, consider this: a skin clearing dietary supplement that features a combination of vitamins and natural extracts to help prevent breakouts. Take two tablets in the morning and two in the evening, to help encourage healthy cell production.

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First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

This cleanser doesn’t specifically target acne, but rather removes surface oils, dirt and make up. It works to calm redness and balance skin pH levels, so it can work with all skin types to reduce flare ups.

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SOLO Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

This brush gently pulsates your skin with miniature silicone “micro-fingers,” which work on stimulating your facial muscles. Portable and waterproof, it can run for up to a month before it requires recharging. Designed for a deep cleanse to remove harmful oils, it also increases blood circulation in wrinkle-prone areas — ideal for those considered with skin aging, too.

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Hangsun Electric Face Brush

With a sonic frequency of over 300 oscillations per second, its rotating brushes clean deeper than a standard face wash. It comes with two different brush heads — one designed for face and body, and one for more sensitive skin. The different speed levels also work for deeper cleansing, with a softer setting for more fragile skin.

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PCA Skin

This facial gel features a botanical blend to help prevent excess oil creation, and minimize your pores. The ginger and cinnamon extract help stimulate an oxygen-rich environment to help prevent acne-causing bacteria from forming.

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Humane Benzoyl Peroxide Body and Face Wash

A #1 Best Seller on Amazon, this product comes with great reviews, and works to kill bacteria and prevent future breakouts. It’s non-foaming, so it absorbs quickly, although the presence of Benzoyl Peroxide means it is not for sensitive skin.

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Acne Clear Invisible Dots

This product recognizes the frustration of adult acne, and these dots are filled with powerful comedone fighting ingredients to help directly address your pores and blackheads. It helps heal the blemish faster, and prevents future breakouts from occurring. In addition, the expedited healing time helps prevent scarring.

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Dead Sea Mud Mask

This mineral-infused mud mask gently unclogs pores, and uses chamomile, sunflower oil and aloe vera for a gentle clean. It is made in Israel from genuine Dead Sea mud, and helps to make skin feel softer and more supple.

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Retinoid Acne Treatment

This cream is prescription strength, and contains the first new Over-The-Counter, FDA approved medicine to treat acne in over thirty years. It targets the two main sources of acne- clogged pores and inflammation. It is best used in combination with a moisturizer and a gentle face wash, to help prevent inflammation.

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Neutrogena Light Therapy

Using a red and blue light, this device helps penetrate the skin, targeting pimples and leaving no residue or mess. Designed to be used two or three times a day in conjunction with your other treatments, it’s clinically proven to help reduce breakouts, and doesn’t leave your skin dry or flaky.

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Clinique Clearing Concealer

This medicated concealer helps to clear and prevent blemishes, as well provide natural-looking coverage. It has a green tint to offset redness, and is oil-free, perfect for putting on before makeup.

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