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Safely and Discretely Remove Oral Aligners With an Aligner-Remover Tool

Getting the perfect smile has never been more accessible or more affordable. Thanks to innovations in oral care, more kids, teens, and adults are now able to get straight and healthy-looking teeth. Wire braces are still widely used, but alternative orthodontic options, including clear aligners that can be custom made by dentists or through online dental companies, are becoming readily available. Discretely designed and with affordable price points, these devices are an attractive option for those looking to improve their smile. But even with the cost barriers lowered, users still want to ensure that they are taking care of their dental appliances and keeping them in good working order. That’s where aligner-remover tools come in.

Aligners or clear retainers are designed to fit snugly over the top or bottom teeth or both. Users replace these aligners every few weeks to gradually shift their teeth into position. Designed to be worn all day and night, aligners still need to be removed when users are eating, flossing, or brushing their teeth. Because of the aligners’ tight fit, it can be challenging to remove them throughout the day. Using your finger to remove the aligner can be difficult and unhygienic. An aligner remover- tool makes it easy and painless to remove the dental device without breaking a nail or even worse, breaking an expensive aligner.

Safely and discreetly remove your aligner without threatening the integrity of the dental device by using a specially designed aligner remover-tool. Check out some of the best aligner remover-tools below.

1. Outie Tool

Quickly and easily remove aligners using the handy Outie Tool. The double-sided stick has a hook on each end, which is designed to fit over the aligner and separate the dental appliance from the tooth, creating enough space to run the tool along the teeth and completely remove the aligner. One side is designed to remove top aligners and the other removes aligners on the bottom row of teeth. The small tools are washable and reusable.

Pros: The Outie Tool pack comes with seven aligner-remover tools, which are all double-sided, making this the largest set on our list.

Cons: Users may struggle using the Outie Tool on the top aligner because of its larger size.

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2. Clear Aligner Removal Tool by ORTHOKEY

The Clear Aligner Removal Tool by ORTHOKEY has an ergonomically designed O-ring handle that makes it comfortable for users to securely grip the tool when removing their aligner. The Orthokey can be used cheek side or tongue-side, giving users the option to use the tool in the way that is most comfortable for them. The Orthokey works by the small hook being placed between the teeth and the aligner. Once hooked, the user then gently runs the reusable Orthokey along the aligner to loosen it. The Orthokey fits inside standard aligner cases even with trays.

Pros: The four individually sealed Orthokeys included in this set are made with Food Grade BPA-free plastic that is also free from phthalates.

Cons: The Orthokey requires some practice and may gently scrape the gums before users get the hang of it.

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3. PULTOOL Aligner Remover

Remove aligners, whitening trays and invisible braces using the PULTOOL. Sold in single units (shown here) or packs of two or four, the Pultool can be used on aligners with or without button attachments. The loop handle provides a sturdy spot for users to hold as they hook the tool between the aligner and teeth, gently pulling the aligner away from the teeth. Made with BPA-free plastic, the durable and compact Pultool fits inside retainer cases and can be used with Invisalign, Smile Direct Club and Clear Correct retainers. It’s available in three bright colors, ideal for homes with multiple aligner users.

Pros: The Pultool is dishwasher safe, giving customers an easy way to ensure the tool remains hygienic.

Cons: The Pultool can be slightly difficult to maneuver on the bottom teeth.

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4. Teheason Aligner-Remover Tool

Take care of your aligner with a removal set from Teheason. The aligner-remover set includes an ergonomically designed hook remover that gently pulls the aligner away from the teeth. The set also includes two aligner chewies, which can help to close the air gap between the teeth and new aligner trays that may not sit flush against the teeth. The Teheason is available in white, pink and green, which helps to distinguish between the sets in homes where multiple people use aligners.

Pros: The Teheason is the only aligner-remover tool on our list that comes with its own case.

Cons: The Teheason has a big price tag and only includes one aligner tool.

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