5 Alternatives To The Slip Silk Beauty Pillowcase Under $50

Hollywood Silk Solution
Image courtesy of Hollywood Silk Solution

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* Prevent facial wrinkles from forming in your sleep
* Keep blowouts looking fresh for days
* 5 alternatives for affordable beauty sleep 

Sleeping on silk pillowcases is one of the latest trends in beauty – and for good reason. They’re great for both your skin and hair as they help prevent wrinkles and bedhead. Silk fibers are significantly less absorbent than other fibers, so they help expensive skin care products stay on your face and off your pillow. Silk also helps reduce friction on your face resulting in a smooth surface that helps skin to glide along the pillow, thereby preventing lines and wrinkles from forming.

One of the most well-known versions is the Slip for beauty sleep pure silk pillowcase. While this is a great silk pillowcase, it also comes with a hefty price tag.

We’ve  found a few great alternatives to the Slip that feature all of the benefits as the original from a fraction of the price, so you can get your beauty sleep even on a budget.

1. Zimasilk Pillowcase

This pillowcase by Zimasilk is made from the highest quality Mulberry Silk, designed with a hidden zip closure. Made from both organic and natural silk, this pillowcase has exquisite craftsmanship, neat stitches and comes in 14 different color options that will compliment any home decor style.

Silk Pillowcase Zima Silk Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Celestial Silk Pillowcase

Another pillowcase option is this one by Celestial Silk . Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, the Celestial version has almost 30% more silk per square inch than the average silk pillowcase. This case is also made with a charmeuse weave which results in a supple and more luxurious feeling case.

Silk Pillowcase Celestial Silk Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Fishers Finery Pillowcase

The Fishers Finery pillowcase is made from 100% long strand, high-grade pure luxury Mulberry Silk . The pillow also has a unique side entry that is slightly offset, which allows the pillowcase to be used as a decorative sham as well as a nightly pillow. An oversized, envelope flap ensures the pillow will remain securely inside your pillowcase as well.

Silk Pillowcase Fishers Finery Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Hollywood Silk Solution Pillowcase

The closest dupe to the Silk pillowcase is the Hollywood Silk Solution Pillowcase . This pillowcase is slightly different from other options on this list because it is made of the highest quality Mulberry Silk fibers on one side and cotton on the other. The high-quality materials provide you with the silk beauty benefits that include reduced tugging on facial skin, reduced hair frizz hair and extended blowout.

Silk Pillowcase The Hollywood Silk Solution Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Drybar Pillowcase

Our last option for this incredible sleeping experience comes from non-other than blow-dry bar extraordinaire, Drybar. Their finely woven silk pillowcase is made from 100% silk, fits a standard size pillow and is designed to extend your blowout, reduce breakage, frizz and bedhead.

Silk Pillowcase Dry Bar Image Courtesy Nordstrom


6. ‘Slipsilk™’ Pure Silk Pillowcase

If you are looking to splurge for a silk pillowcase, Slipsilk’s luxurious silk pillowcase will certainly not disappoint.

'Slipsilk™' Pure Silk Pillowcase Image courtesy of Nordstrom