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Fierce Face: 8 Animal-Themed Sheet Masks to Tighten and Brighten

* Bring some fun to your skincare routine with an animal-themed sheet mask
* Combat dull skin and signs of aging
* Find the right combination of ingredients for your skin type

There are a lot of reasons why Korean beauty has become a global phenomenon. The products are high-quality and often reasonably priced, and the highly-detailed, multi-step skincare routines do yield noticeable results, but what it also introduced was the idea that skincare could be a lot of fun.

Cue in facial cleansers dispensed from banana-shaped containers, or as we have here, sheets masks that brighten, tighten and make you look like you’ve swiped on a Snapchat filter. Below, find 9 animal-themed sheet masks that bring a light-hearted approach to some serious skin benefits.

1. Berrisom Monkey Sheet Mask

The idea of occluding your face in snail slime sounds maybe not so pleasant, but the cuteness of the baby monkey face print should take the edge off that thought. And once it’s time to take the mask off, you’ll be left with the ultra-hydrating results snail slime is coveted for in the first place.

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Image Courtesy of Beauty Bay[/caption]


2. Animal Panda Brightening Mask

An Ulta exclusive, the Animal Panda mask is a great go-to to reverse signs of photo-damage. Natural ingredients like coconut water and mulberry bark extract infuse skin with some serious nourishment, leaving your face luminous, soft and supple.

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Image Courtesy of Ulta[/caption]


3. Cat Wrinkle Face Art Sheet Mask

Another Ulta exclusive, the Cat Wrinkle mask plumps up fine lines with a boost of collagen, while the coconut water base refreshes skin with electrolytes and potassium.

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Image Courtesy of Ulta[/caption]


4. Mad Beauty Animasks Tiger Sheet Mask

Infused with cooling cucumber essence, this mask is just what to reach for if you’re experiencing puffiness or redness. Try keeping it cold in the fridge for an extra boost of the calming, cooling sensation.

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Image Courtesy of Asos[/caption]


5. Seal Aqua Moisture Mask

Don’t worry, no seals were used in the making of this mask, just a peptide complex, and Swiftlet Next Extract, which keeps skin elastic and moist. Emerge from under this mask with a smooth complexion to rival a baby seal.


6. Holika Holika Baby Pet Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask

From one of K-beauty’s more loved brands, Holika Holika’s Baby Pet Magic Masks will leave your skin as soft as a baby pug. Infused with peptides and a host of natural ingredients, bring a box set to your next girls-night-in for a good laugh – while erasing the laugh lines.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon


7. Gangbly Aqua Dragon Mask

Mother of Dragons jokes aside, Gangbly’s Aqua Dragon Mask is incredibly fierce when it comes to moisturizing. The deeply hydrating essence contains ultra-nourishing ingredients like hyaluronate acid, bamboo extract, aloe vera leaf juice & deep ocean water.

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Image Courtesy of Jet[/caption]


8. Holika Holika Magic Sheet Vitality Panda Mask

Part of the brand’s Baby Pet sheet mask collection, the panda masks revitalize skin with their collagen and elastin stimulating essence.

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