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Lazy Locks: The 4 Best Rotating & Automatic Hair Styling Tools

* Automatic hair styling tools make styling your hair a breeze
* If you struggle with traditional curling irons, these are the answer
* Simplify your morning hair routine and save time

Using a traditional curling iron to create a head full of curls or the coveted beach wave look can a challenge for us non-professionals. The clamping, twisting and releasing motions can cause any number of kinks and fly away’s, not to mention the amount of time it takes to perfect the look.

Luckily, the latest trend in hair tools is making heat styling so much easier. For even, easy curls that won’t take hours spent in the mirror, an automatic or rotating curling iron is a must. Read on to discover how these 4 wands can help you style your way to the perfect curls.

1. VAV Automatic Curling Wand

If you hate the kinks left by a curling iron or just can’t get the hang of the twisting motion, consider investing in a

. This innovative hair styling tool automatically rotates, twisting your hair into perfect curls every time. The one-inch barrel is coated in tourmaline ceramic, eliminating frizz and producing shiny results. In addition, the wand can heat up to 400 degrees in just one minute, allowing you to curl a whole head of hair in less than 10 minutes. 


2. Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

Similar to the VAV Curling Wand, the

is a fully automatic hair curler. However, the Instawave heats up slightly warmer to 420 degrees and offers the ability to curl both short and long hair. Without tangling your locks, the curler wraps a small amount of hair around its barrel, then times itself and beeps to let you know that your curls are ready. All you have to do is pull straight down to enjoy your ringlets. 

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3. Conair Fashion Curl


takes automatic curling to another level. Rather than being a simple wand, this Conair product features an enclosed chamber. Your hair simply needs to be placed, section by section, into the chamber. It will then feed your hair inside the machine, curling it in the process. By keeping the heated element enclosed, the Fashion Curl is safe for a wide range of people, and the tourmaline ceramic technology protects hair from damage and reduces fly aways. 


4. The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

A leader in luxury beauty, The Beachwaver has eliminated the hassle of creating beachy waves. The barrel works just like a traditional curling iron. Clip in the end of your hair, then push the rotate buttons. You can turn the barrel either way and at whatever speed works best for you. When you reach the root, simply release the clip for the ideal amount of wave. If you want a tighter curl, the process can be modified to create your desired look in no time. If you are looking for the best automatic curler and are willing to pay a bit more,

Curling Iron is the answer.