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This Grooming Line is Actually Designed For Men Without Hair

* Soothing and revitalizing head wash
* Specially formulated for hairless crania
* Designed to show off the diversity of human head beauty

Comprehensive Cranium Care is an innovative men’s grooming line designed to revolutionize how people care for– and view– hairless or shorn scalp (aka baldness). While hair loss is often viewed as an unattractive problem, this brand is bringing a positive spin to the way hairless heads are perceived, with a line that inspires men (and women) to celebrate it with confidence – not hide it.

Hair loss and baldness can be the result of many different things, from the natural aging process, to genetics, and cancer treatments, but it’s also a desired look too. Offering an assortment of nourishing head top skin and scalp care products free of harsh, abrasive and ph-unbalancing chemicals, the Comprehensive Cranium Care line is here to say that it’s time that we realize the hair on our heads comes in all shapes and sizes, and that its absence need not be a source of shame or contribute to feelings of inadequacy.

C3 for short, celebrates the diversity of hair patterns and head hair choices for all genders. After all, not everyone has to feel like Samson, whose strength was famously bound to his hair, or Fabio, for that matter. Some want to “own your dome,” and to do that, C3 offers a line of specially-formulated head care and grooming products that will have your head shining like a beacon of hope, and feeling great, too. Whether you’ve got more of a classic Captain Picard/ Professor Xavier look going on, or the increasingly popular femme shaved-head a la Amber Rose or Stranger Things’ 11, these scalp-care products will let you show off your dome without feeling so itchy you’ll want to melt down like 2007 Britney.

1. Fragrance-Free Head Wash

This sulfate-free head wash is more than just a shampoo for your scalp. It cleanses thoroughly while adding essential hydration and soothing irritation with its pH-balanced, fragrance free formulation. It’s also non-comedogenic, so it helps prevent scalp break-outs and dermatitis, too.

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2. With Subtle Fragrance

Comprehensive Cranium Care is also available in a fragranced-form, this paraben-free and cruelty-free head wash helps take your head-top “from stigma to stunning.”

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