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Guys, This Grooming Kit Gets You Products To Take Care of Your Butt and Balls

* Soothing lotion for your nether regions
* Drying powder with calamine
* Paraben and talc-free

This is a super convenient travel kit that helps keep your junk from getting into a funk. Great for road trips and long train rides, the assortment of its charmingly named products, “anti-monkey butt,” and “fresh balls,” does indeed help keep the intended areas from getting monkeyed up and foul. Fresh balls lotion is a combination soothing cream and cooling powder, and it’s aluminum and talc and paraben-free. It contains an oatmeal based soothing solution, so it’s gentle and non-irritating. Because after all, nobody likes foul balls – except maybe a surly umpire. But assuming surly umpires aren’t your target audience, you’ll want your balls as fresh as possible, and this lotion helps. Use it post-shower, post-workout or in preparation for travel and it helps avoid the state of itchy, discontented balls that somehow always demand to be slightly shifted at uncomfortable times.

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As a bonus, you’ll also get anti-monkey butt powder. No, it’s not to keep monkeys from putting their butts on you, but rather to keep from turning into a butt-scratching monkey. It’s a calamine-based soothing powder that also keeps you dry and helps stave off chafing. It relieves waist-band itch and lower-back dampness, while keeping you feeling more confident to walk upright like a human being. It’s also convenient in that it comes in a 1.5-oz airline friendly size, so you can use it to freshen up once you finally get off the plane.

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