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4 Fantastic Shaving and Facial Care Kits for a Smoother 5:00 Shadow

* All-inclusive shave and face kits to kiss stubble away 
* Brands we love include Kiehl’s, The Ordinary, and Proraso
* Natural ingredients like eucalyptus and green tea for a softer shave 

These travel-sized kits give you all the goods you need for a better shave experience – even when you’re staying the night at your S.O.’s or travelling for a work trip. Forget nicks and nasty stubble by integrating products like aftershave (a true skin-saver), anti-aging serums, moisturizer, and salves to keep fine-lines and dry skin at bay. From Kiehl’s natural ingredients to the fan-favorite Italian brand, Proraso, these affordable and accessible kits have all you need to start your day with a fresh shave.

Get a good, new razor or one of these electric shavers, and you are well on your way to a smoother 5:00 shadow.

1. Jack Black Shave Essentials

This all-inclusive shave essentials kit is perfect for those who need an extra hit of hydration for the face. Whether you shave every day or just want a softer, smoother complexion that can be enjoyed by all, this Jack Black kit comes with three products to meet your needs: a facial cleanser, shave lather, and a sun protection daily moisturizer.

Jack Black - Shave Essentials


2. The Ordinary No-Brainer Set

The Ordinary is a highly recommended product that is both vegan and alcohol and silicone-free for a guilt-free facial treatment routine. This kit is ideal to reduce fine lines and address dry skin with their added amino acids, so your beard and face is the only thing people are looking at. Included is a hydrating serum, non-greasy moisturizer, and a serum with retinoid active to reduce signs of aging.

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The Ordinary - The No-Brainer Set



3. Kiehl’s Men’s Grab & Go Essentials

It seems obvious that this Kiehl’s kit comes with products infused with caffeine for a morning routine done right. The included facial cleanser revives and awakens skin while prepping it for a smooth shave. Follow with the menthol shave cream for a tingly sensation across the skin and then lather on the moisturizing treatment for an everyday routine that can keep up with the toughest of lifestyles. The kit also comes with a hand salve and body soap to address the entire physique.

Men's Grab & Go Essentials

Image courtesy of Kiehl’s


4. Proraso Shave Travel Kit

No weekend trip is complete without this portable shave kit from Proraso. Take the barber with you no matter where you land with this Italian-based products line featuring a toning pre-shave, shaving cream, after-shave, and mini shaving brush. Ingredients like eucalyptus oil, green tea, and oatmeal extract are designed to soften even the roughest of manly faces and balance pH levels for continued softness.

Proraso Shave Travel Kit Image 2


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