The Best Beard Grooming Kits to Gift or Buy for Yourself

best beard grooming kits

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There are a lot of different kinds of beards; there’s the retirement beard, the fisherman beard, and now, as a result of unfortunate global circumstances, the pandemic beard. A beard can connote a certain level of leisure, as in the case of the retirement beard, or a level of busyness that prevents you from having a clean-shaven look, as the fisherman beard implies. But the truth is that a beard is anything but lazy or hands-off.

Keeping your facial hair looking luscious takes work. Not only do you have to keep it clean, but it’s essential to keep your beard moisturized enough to keep itchiness at bay. Plus, it has to be brushed and trimmed to keep it neat. One of the best ways to keep your beard looking and feeling good is with a beard grooming kit.

While you could buy beard care supplies a la carte, beard grooming kits conveniently put everything you need in one place, such as beard oils, beard balms, beard brushes and beard washes. A kit has the added benefit of having the same scent, so you won’t be mixing different fragrances. Beard shaving kits also make great gifts for the bearded person in your life.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beard care kits that you can buy online.


1. Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit


Jack Black largely kickstarted the premium men’s grooming boom, and today, the brand offers a wide range of great skincare products. (The brand was founded in 2000, which is coincidentally the same year the actor of the same name had his breakthrough role). This kit comes with everything you need for beard care — there’s beard oil, beard wash, and beard lube. A beard comb is also included. It’s made in the U.S. from natural ingredients and has a clean, fresh fragrance.

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit; best beard grooming kits Courtesy of Jack Black


2. Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit


Though we wish it included a brush or comb too, the Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit is still one of the best beard grooming kits around. Using shea butter, maracuja oil and other oils as the primary moisturizing ingredients, everything here works to improve the health of your beard, including the beard wash, beard detangler/conditioner, beard conditioning oil and beard balm. If this is your first foray into in-depth beard care, you won’t be disappointed starting with this kit.

Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit; best beard grooming kits Courtesy of Amazon


3. Bevel Beard Gang Bundle Kit


Bevel is one of the only grooming brands designed with the skincare needs of black men in mind, and their products work well for men with coarse or curly hair. This kit includes beard oil, beard balm and beard softener, which are made with naturally soothing essential oils. The products have a pleasantly masculine scent that isn’t overwhelming.

Bevel Beard Gang Bundle; best beard grooming kits Courtesy of Bevel



4. Proraso Beard Care Set


Many grooming brands have vintage logos and old-school designs to imply prestige, but Proraso has actually earned that pedigree. Founded in 1908, the classic aftershave brand remains one of the best options out there. This beard care kit includes beard wash, beard balm and beard oil, which cleans, conditions and nourishes. The kit comes in a stylish collectible tin.

Proraso Beard Care Set; best beard grooming kits Courtesy of Amazon


5. Grow A Beard 6-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit


Grow A Beard’s 6-in-1 Kit is a grooming set that keeps up with the high demands of a true beardsman. This travel-size set features essentials like a pocket-size bamboo beard comb for detangling your facial fuzz, as well as straightener, wax, and balm.

Grow A Beard 6-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit Courtesy of Amazon


6. Billy Jealousy 3-Piece Beard Envy Set


This simple three-piece kit includes just the essentials. Two three-ounce bottles are included — beard wash and beard control, which is designed to condition your beard. There’s also a small, handle-less brush, which is great for making quick work of tangles and working product through your beard.

Billy Jealousy 3-Piece Beard Envy Set; best beard grooming kit Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack


7. Every Man Jack Aged Bourbon Beard Kit


Every Man Jack brings a considered approach to men’s grooming essentials, and their fairly priced ethos is embedded in the brand name itself. This affordable gift kit includes beard and face wash, beard oil and beard balm. Plus, a double-sided comb with fine and wide teeth is included in the set. Clean, natural ingredients are used, and the kit is made in the US.

Every Man Jack Aged Bourbon Beard Kit; best beard grooming kits Courtesy of Amazon



8. Live Bearded Beard Grooming Kit


A longtime SPY favorite, Live Bearded makes top-notch beard grooming products across the board. That’s why we recommend the Live Bearded Beard Grooming Kit. It contains the essential products you’ll need for a healthy itch-free beard, including a beard wash, beard oil and their always wonderful beard butter. But we also love Live Bearded’s line of fragrances; the canyon fragrance, a blend of juniper, cypress and fir scents, won’t literally bring you to your favorite forests but it’ll sure leave your beard smelling them.

Live Bearded Beard Grooming Kit Courtesy of Amazon


9. King C. Gillette Complete Men’s Beard Care Gift Kit


King C. Gillette is grooming giant Gillette’s premium grooming line. Its namesake is company founder King Camp Gillette, who is credited with popularizing the safety razor design that’s used today. This kit comes in a stylish gift box, and it includes everything you need to maintain your facial hair. For caring for your beard, there’s a wash, oil and balm. Should you decide to go clean-shaven, a safety razor, shave gel and five razor blades are included in the set.

King C. Gillette Complete Men's Beard Care Gift Kit, best beard grooming kit Courtesy of Amazon


10. Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack


The Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack has a lot going for it. Besides offering a great beard wash, beard oil and beard balm in Grave Before Shave’s amazing bourbon-sandalwood-scented Gentlemen’s Blend, the kit also comes with a hefty boar bristle beard brush perfect for long, coarse unmanageable beards. Beyond the basics, this is one of the best-reviewed beard grooming kits on Amazon, with 84% five-star reviews and an overall 4.8/5 rating on over 500 reviews. If it worked for those burly men, this beard grooming kit is very likely to work for you too.

Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack Courtesy of Amazon


11. Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit


Vikings are known for their share of conquering, but, this Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit helps you conquer your chin coif with a wooden boar bristle brush, a double-sided pocket beard comb, beard care oil and citrus-scented beard styling balm.

Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit Courtesy of Amazon


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