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Daily Deal: Make Your Winter Beard Look Its Best With This $15 Grooming Kit

* Nail that handsome lumberjack look this winter
* This beard grooming kit is on sale for just $15
* Includes oil, conditioning balm, scissors, a comb, and a brush

If you’re thinking of growing a beard this winter, you’ll need a good grooming kit to ensure you look like a handsome lumberjack – not a stranded sailor.

Most beard grooming kits retail between $25 and $50, with high-end options reaching as much as $200. However, we found this beard grooming kit on Amazon that’s currently discounted by 45%, offering all the beard-grooming essentials you’ll need for just $15.

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With this kit from J2 Products, you get conditioning mustache wax and oil formulated for beard hair, as well as scissors, a comb, and a brush. The oil utilizes natural ingredients including argan oil, tea tree oil, grape, and jojoba to help your beard grow stronger and feel more luscious, while the balm helps tame and rejuvenate your stray ends.

Beard grooming kits are now best-sellers because guys can buy a single package with all the products and tools they need to keep their scruff looking clean and healthy. There’s very little research required to find all the necessary products, and, lets be honest, it just feels cool to have a grooming set that matches.

The kit is a great addition to any bearded-man’s grooming routine, and it also makes a great gift for a scruffy friend or family member, presented in a handsome black gift box. It’s also travel-friendly too as the products tuck neatly into your toiletry kit and meet TSA travel regulations. Just be sure to buy the kit while it’s still on sale as this five-star reviewed product won’t be discounted for long.

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