Weird Beards: 7 Crazy Products for Your Beard and Mustache

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* The weirdest (but most useful) products for your beard
* Cleaning wipes, shaping tools, bibs, and more
* Perfect gifts the beard geek in your life

With beards continuing to be a trendy statement, there’s more beards than ever this year – some being good and well-groomed, and some not. To make sure every beard is the best it can be, brands have come up with creative products that help to groom, protect, and clean your whiskers. Here’s seven of our favorites to try now.

1. Beardilizer Beard Cleansing Wipes

Beards get dirty and need to be cleaned sometimes. These portable cleansing wipes allow you to clean your scruff on-the-go, making your beard look, feel, and smell much better at all times.

Beard Cleaning Wipes Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Fisticuffs Mustache Wax & Moguard

One of the age old issues with beards is that they get in the way when you’re having a drink. Fisticuffs’ handy Moguard solves the problem by attaching to any cup or glass and protecting your beard from whatever you’re drinking.

Beard Guard Funny Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Blackbeard for Men Brush-on Color

To give beards that full, healthy look or to cover up stubborn grey hairs, consider trying out a brush on color product. We recommend Blackbeard for Men because it’s easy to apply and non-toxic (unlike many of their competitors).

Beard Color Blackbeard for Men Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Sharpiz Beard Shaping Tool

A beard shaping tool is essential for well-groomed facial hair. We like this one from Sharpiz because it’s well-designed with all the curves and straight-edges you need. It’s also transparent for more accurate trimming.

Beard Shaving Template Tool Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Groomarang Beard Styling and Shaping Tool

The Groomarang is another great beard styling tool with dual combs, a brush, and minimal shaping templates. It also comes in a high-quality travel bag for trimming on-the-go.

Beard Shaping Tool Groomerang Image courtesy of Amazon


6. My Perfect Goatee Template

If a goatee is your go-to, there’s no reason to bother eyeballing it every time you trim. My Perfect Goatee allows you to quickly and accurately trim your goatee every morning for a fresh look every day.

Goatee Template Shaving Tool Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Beard Bib

This innovative Beard Bib attaches to your neck like a barber’s bib, and sticks to your bathroom mirror with suction cups to provide an effective beard-trimming catcher.

beard bib beard necessities Image courtesy of Amazon